Halloween in West Hollywood, two guys making out in a park are interrupted by a serial killer. Later that night, a group of gay kids decide to visit to the site of the murders.

Halloween in West Hollywood, two guys making out in a park are interrupted by a serial killer. Later that night, a group of gay kids decide to visit to the site of the murders. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hellbent torrent reviews

Rose R (es) wrote: A fine true story with great performances from David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike. Highly recommended!!

Miguel K (ag) wrote: Fantastic Movie for kids and families. Wonderful cinematography, feel-good movie about a boy superhero with special powers fueled by candy!!

Maribel R (us) wrote: It s look.good i like it

Wade H (br) wrote: A tale of vengeance and desperation with good acting from the two leads and nice direction. But the script dips in all to familiar western cliches and the film lags around the second act.

Brendan A (es) wrote: From the director of "Candyman" comes this chiller. A reclusive horror film makers pregnant wife is murdered by a Manson-like cult in the 60s and this has made him a recluse. However one day he announces his comeback and invites a group of unknown actors to his mansion to audition for his new movie- only they start being murdered and filmed on hidden cameras for a snuff website. A bit slow at times, and the murders aren't that gory but there's an interesting twist to the story that makes it worthwhile.

Hobbie D (us) wrote: Oh dear... so great.

Charity B (es) wrote: This is so blissfully funny in the face of depressing drug abuse of an adorably daft character. I loved this! Billy Crudup and Jack Black were spot on!

David C (nl) wrote: HARD AS FUCK story visuals everything is on point

Sweetgirl (de) wrote: I love this movie one of my favorite's.. I love the ending its always good to get revenge i dont care what anyone says!!! Its a good feeling..

Rebecca B (fr) wrote: this is one of my all time Favorites. Its is a must own and watch over and over again. It is fillied with passin & pain. The music is so wonderful it fills my heart and soul. Please watch it ..and listen ...so beautiful....so much heartache. I love this movie. I cannot explain how much so..you just have to watch and feel it..Amazing work.

Drew S (mx) wrote: What a moving road trip!

John M (mx) wrote: The envy of the DCEU. So before Marvel was this giant connected universe, it was just Iron Man. This is the story of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). He is a billionaire engineer playboy who owns a weapons company. Trouble is that he gets kidnapped by terrorists because of who he is, and his only recourse is to build a weaponized armored suit to make his escape, as his abductors are armed to the teeth. With the Marvel universe doing nothing but growing, there was a part of me for a while that has wanted to go back to rewatch and review every film that they have released thus far that have been connected. I haven't started seriously tackling the year of 2017 just yet, so there is no better time than now. The original Iron Man has aged very well, and it is a film that is strong enough to have the entire foundation of an empire built squarely upon its shoulders. So much about what makes this movie is the collaboration of Robert Downey Jr. and director Jon Favreau. I've been a big fan of RDJ ever since the genius script penned by Shane Black hit the big screen in 2005, the perfect vehicle for him that is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. One thing you have to understand if you're going to work with him is that you always have to be rolling your camera. He will just do or say something impromptu and off-script, and it will be perfect for the character that he is playing. It is safe to say that he is (and will likely forever be) the definitive Tony Stark. I also think that Favreau doesn't get nearly enough credit as being a quality director. He understands what makes this character tick, and how you need to make it so that you want to be him, even though he treats everyone around him like bit players in a story where he is the star. There is one item that I have to touch upon, and it has to do with the weakest element of the Marvel universe: the villains aren't anything noteworthy. As soon as Jeff Bridges appears as a bald, cigar-chomping businessman, you know exactly where it is going, and while he does serve his purpose, apart from Loki, none of the Marvel villains really give you anything to write home about. This movie was the spark of inspiration that started it all, and you could tell that they knew what they were doing from the beginning, and the moving parts are only evident after the fact. It was relevant in the year that it was released with the war on terror being such a hot button topic, and because Tony Stark goes through so much trauma at the beginning, it makes you care about his character arc. RDJ shares a great chemistry with Gwyneth Paltrow, which just gives you all the more reason to be on board. RDJ makes it cool, and this is still one of the better movies in this universe, even after nearly a decade.

Jose M (nl) wrote: Once upon a time of a French intervention in Mexico, a red-headed American nun named Sister Sara (Shirley MacLaine) was traveling to help the people of Mexico. On her way to a village, she is attacked but saved by a drifting gunman, Hogan (Clint Eastwood). He too is out to help, but has something else on his mind. The two are then twined together into a dangerous journey facing rattlesnakes, hot weather, French patrol, rogue Mexican bandits, Yaqui Indians, whiskey, and each other. Yet, the two have chemistry, but cannot stand each other like a regular couple when it comes to decisions. For a nun, Sara can drink and smoke enough to outdo Hogan. Yet, that does not deter him trying from getting close to her. Will they make it out alive or be fried? Yes, this story is a film under the titled for Two Mules of Sister Sara in one of many western films of the 60s and 70s. However, it is nonetheless very entertaining film. There are explosions, shootings, and battles in the film. It also brings a little insight of the French intervention of Mexico which not a lot people know. It happened between 1862 to 1867. One of the battles would later become a holiday known as Cinco de Mayo, fifth of May, which is celebrated in the US and maybe parts in Mexico. However, it is not the end from there since there is one person it went through. It received mostly positive reviews among critics and audiences. However, it needed to go through one sleazy person in Bakersfield. Did he liked it? Yes he did for the action and amusing pair. Director Don Siegel delivers an entertainment film enough to satisfied in what was an overstuffed genre in an era. Also to not, the film is formulaic, but never dull or painful. Music is by Ennio Morricone which means the theme is great as always. Action is well done leaving the film pretty good, so give Sister Sara her two and she will be on her way.