Two Chicago police officers are sent to investigate the brutal murder of a rabbi. As the investigation begins, Shatter and Jackson are summoned to Israel for questioning. Upon arrival they realize that they are, in fact, pursuing a supernatural being.

Shatter and Jackson, 2 Chicago police officers, are investigating the brutal murder of a rabbi and are summoned to Israel for questioning. While they are in Israel they continue their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hellbound torrent reviews

Brian L (br) wrote: Inconsistently funny. But Vhong was indeed funny. But if your main "comedic" actor gets upstaged by your supporting cast then you have a problem.

Stef T (br) wrote: As an avid Parker Posey fan, I was a little disappointed with this one. The storyline was all over the place, the characters were bland and vague, and the film itself was a bit of a bore.

Matt B (kr) wrote: Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is not a theatrical movie. It is a DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie). Preteen girls will probably enjoy it and won't mind the sheer stupidity of it all and Lindsay Lohan's auto-tuned singing voice. Others, like myself, will cringe.

Guy L (br) wrote: "Eloise at the Plaza". It was a movie I really enjoyed as a kid, taping it on VHS when it came on air and constantly watching it. Now as a teenager, it is a little silly, but I think it's what makes it so more unique (it is a TV movie I believe). Sofia Vassilieva, who we know from TV's Medium and My Sister's Keeper, is charming and at 11 years old at the time in 2003, she was playing a 6-year-old! Very cute and silly film.

Shane J (de) wrote: This film really is the ultimate so bad its actually quite amusingly good films. Heck it has john bloody barrowman in it! he comes across as a campy tom cruise and takes the role as dead pan as he can. You only have to hear his amazing chat up line here to bed the leading lady!!! some of the effects are just truly astonishing, especially the shark kills which are some of the funniest things you will ever see!! Actually i believe most are in the trailer or floating around youtube so check em out!

Tyler S (gb) wrote: Pretty strange apocolyptic film about a society struggling to survive due to no one being able to give birth. The society is in decay, morale is low, and conditions are worsening. Clive Owen plays a mysterious character who used to hold some job of importance. When finding a mysterious girl who is somehow pregnant, his job is to protect her throughout the movie as she would be extremely valuable to those who could find her. The movie does a good job of keeping you guessing, and it creates a dark world that is just unpleasant. It takes you to another place and that is what creates the movies uniquness. Owen has a nice subtle mood about him during the movie and is steadfast in what he must do. A very good film that won't but you in the best mood, but creates a wild universe.

Jeffrey B (nl) wrote: Haters gonna hate, but I liked it in 2000 and I like it now. I think people don't like it but they just can't handle the style of comedy. It takes a certain level of sophistication to get it.

Chris D (au) wrote: This ALF full feature is an interstellar hit and miss, mostly a miss though...for the die hards fans of the television series.

Thom L (us) wrote: A good little monster movie, from a time when it seemed to have all been done. Very good cast and script.

Cynthia S (ru) wrote: Reeking of machismo and psycopathy, General Scott (played by Burt Lancaster), heads a military coup attempt against the United States president, (played Fredric March.) When Douglas' character (Col. Casey) begins to piece together a plot, he reports it directly to the President. A sort of cat and mouse game results, with the President and his men attempting to find evidence of conspiracy, a secret military base, possible murder.This film is entertaining but entirely unrealistic. It completely ignores reality when it comes to containing a conspiracy theory, funneling government funds to build and operate a secret military post, and using troops without their knowledge. It also Hollywood-izes politics, with the President seeking solid evidence against General Scott, for fear of not being believed. In reality, just the notion of scandal would have sent the press into a feeding frenzy, evidence be damned. Of course, this is explained away by the President desiring to protect the nation from the reality of an attempted coup. In short, this film relies on the sort of ideals and non-reality that Hollywood loved during that era. It's worth a watch though. Lancaster, in particular, does an excellent job in the film - creating a character who is incredibly hate-worthy.

Jon C (us) wrote: An absolutely hypnotic, mesmerizing filmthat explores the emptiness of samurai culture in 16th century Japan. The direction and acting as well a the simplistic beauty of the film is astonishing.

Allan C (de) wrote: Meh. A vampire and hunchback terrorize a village in the low budget picture.

Logan M (mx) wrote: Touching and funny, as well as a charming animated take on the martial arts genre of film.

James L (es) wrote: Accurate tale of mundane escapism that feels scarily accurate, and well observed. Trouble is it's a tad dull.