Sam starts his first week as a helper at a brickyard. He got this job because his new boss is the chairman of the local football team for which he plays. He's a talented goalkeeper. There ...

Sam starts his first week as a helper at a brickyard. He got this job because his new boss is the chairman of the local football team for which he plays. He's a talented goalkeeper. There ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James L (es) wrote: The story had potential and cinematic appeal ; but I found some portions of this military film too unbelievably cliche for my taste . Overall it's a good film which has just enough entertainment value to keep the attention !

Guilherme M (es) wrote: Really? a head that scrams very loud really??? came on.....it is hardly a horror movie, where should i begin? first to make the film interesting the director could revealed the "horror creature" forward and not at the beginning in order to make it suspenseful... you lose all the interest because you see the head, the mystery.. besides the box was easily opened, she could have take a little more time to figure it out...Doing a small research I learned that it has a very small budget, so... with this kind of budget, he could have done it different in my opinion, one full star because i am felling generous =)

Ricardo R (jp) wrote: Familiar plot but really funny cast and twists.

Thomas B (ru) wrote: chelou ce film ! des passages bien exprimentaux, du style le jeu des chivers,...un peu trop court aussi...attention mme si les acteurs sont Eric&Ramzy, ce film n'est au fond pas une comdie mais plutt une satire.

Josh B (gb) wrote: While not great, it is a solid Halloween flick I look forward to whenever the season rolls around. Dark and yet captivating, it's worth at least a viewing.

Tom B (br) wrote: A gritty, grainy and commendable hostage documentary - Brazil 2000This is a commendable, compelling Brazilian Documentary about a kidnap stand off with the police, when a man takes a hostage at gunpoint on a bus. It is 2 hours long and works both as a documentary and drama-esque film.In 2000, Sandro di Nascimento is probably high off drugs and ends up taking hostages on a Bus in Rio, Brazil. This stand-off with surrounding police lasts all evening, as he threatens to kill passengers at 6pm. TV crews and untrained police forces swarm around the vehicle, waiting for developments and their chance to intervene. All of the TV footage is used, mixing it in with an interesting and shocking history on Sandro's past, living as an orphaned street child in Rio amongst poverty and crime. 35 Million viewers watched this shocking scene as the hijack hostage situation was broadcast live.This award winning documentary film, uncut for DVD release, is over 2 hours long and so can get a bit testing, but it is a commendable insight into Brazil and the shocking events that occurred there in 2000. The ending and story is also shocking and makes the piece of film powerful and poignant.

Rosemarie S (fr) wrote: good & real about power & money & cover-up with great revenge... a fave Val Kilmer was fantastic...

CostanaA C (us) wrote: pesantezza allo stato puro.

The Critic (ru) wrote: Filmmaker Nick Broomfield peels back the layers of Aileen Wuornos' complex story as he attempts to secure an interview with America's first female serial killer. What unfolds is a disturbing story of greed, corruption and media hype. And then Broomfield and Wuornos meet for their first interview... Followed by the superior 'Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer' (2003).

Scott G (es) wrote: love this movie and all the songs

Bruce B (ca) wrote: Not sure how or why I put this on my Netflix Rental List, but its A Good Italian Police Drama, I know an Italian Western is called a Spagetti Western, so do you call this Spagetti Deama. Anyway I would put this one in the Grindhouse Collection as it had that type of 1970 theme. A bit of nudity and they were all very pretty not a ugly one in the bunch.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: I actually didn't know a thing about this before seeing it, so I was surprised when it turned out to be about finding utopia (so this is where "Shangri La" comes from). Nice cast, not a bad edition to the Frank Capra films I've seen, I really enjoyed Ronald Colman in this. The cinematography was very nice, excellent art direction, and I loved the score. A really great opening, it did a wonderful job of pulling the viewer into the story. I actually preferred the first half of the film to the second half. After they got settled into Shangri La I felt it lost a little bit of its steam. Still, it's a very well done film, another example of the kind of films you can't really make anymore.

Conrad T (es) wrote: This is a rather natural comedy. Not the kind of low class or tickle you to laughter.

Jose L (jp) wrote: Strange movie, but pretty funny.