The adventures of oil well fire specialist Chance Buckman (based on real-life Red Adair), who extinguishes massive fires in oil fields around the world.

Based on real-life Red Adair, Hellfighters is a story about the adventures of oil well fire specialist Chance Buckman, who extinguishes massive fires in oil fields around the world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vincent R (mx) wrote: More of a chick-flick than a man-movie. My other half liked this, but to me it was pretty one dimensional. Not a bad watch, just not worth every minute.

Tim M (mx) wrote: I'm not only a fan of horror films, but I'm also a fan of wrestling, which entails being well versed in puroresu and lucha libre. With all things being considered, this movie failed on every front. Riddle me this - Why have a killer who is a wrestler when he doesn't do any wrestling moves? How hard is it to change him throwing people, to him hip tossing people?! It's the same goddamn fall that the victim has to take, just have them link arms!! And then he doesn't use wrestling items like a chair, instead using a pipe...I'd make a Rick James joke, but he's played out. I've already complained to my girlfriend that having a wrestler who doesn't do wrestling moves is like having a killer who is half-lizard murder people using a shotgun. Also, I'm a fan of butt's (women and Joey Lawrence in particular!) but this had around a dozen shots of girls butts as they run away from the killer. If someone was desperate enough to want to get an erection from a film why not just watch something from the Ass Worship series? At least those stories make sense - a girl wants her furniture moved, the movers double penetrate her...it all adds up. Here we get really bad acting, no characters (one guy smokes pot, literally, that's his role), and half of the kills aren't even shown. Movies like this give me more fuel for my "most horror made after 1990 sucks" fire...as if it needs any more.Ps. Someone says the killer "wrestles you to death," that is a lie. He does not, he gave ONE person a MODIFIED back breaker, not even a fucking tilt-a-whirl - you're in goddamn Mexico - everything becomes a tilt-a-whirl!! And it's not tongue in cheek - watch BrainDead, it's funny, it's gorey, and it's actually enjoyable.

Jeremy B (kr) wrote: This documentary is a human being. I can't remember the last time a movie held my attention both mentally and emotionally with the kind of grip this one posesses.

Matthew S (ca) wrote: It's a typical story of boy meets girl with legs made of glass. Boy, dressed as a pink highland warrior with facial mutilations falls in love with girl. Girl turns into a cheetah woman and tries to mutilate more of boy's face.Some of the visuals are grotesquely beautiful and interesting, some are obnoxiously obtuse, and others are silly. Not all of The Order's decrees are of equal quality.

Thomas N (ag) wrote: Simple but beautiful film that captures emotion and small moments perfectly.

Bryan I (ag) wrote: Sweet, quiet little slice of life movie.

Bill B (br) wrote: I finally gave this a re-watch this afternoon, as it was a film I only discovered in the past few years after honestly thinking I'd watched it during my youth. Such a corny film, but it was so much fun. You can see Nero's Goddamned mustache through his ninja mask for fuck's sake! There's a wacky 'wah-wah' sound of the saxophone when someone is killed! It's just so ridiculous I wanna re-watch it with friends and beer right damned now!Give it a look.

Franky M (fr) wrote: story of women obessions of youth and beauty. not exactly hammer house did as the vampire movie. but i guess it's about the idea of need of blood. a nice one still, entertaining.

James O (us) wrote: The Beverly Hillbillies Gone Psycho! That's right, psychotic Confederate townspeople lure six Yankees into their town for some good ole fashioned southern hospitality. If, by hospitality, you mean mass murder! The gleeful Southerners dispatch them in various, creative fashions. This is a Herschell Gordon Lewis film, so it was fairly gory for its time. It's not his goriest work (that is definitely Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat), but its not completely tame, either. There are only four deaths, and this could have been mighty boring if not for the great performances by all the actors playing the Confederates. They're just so gleeful and giddy in their roles, they basically made the film. I'm sure about fifty years ago, the theater patrons didn't see the humor in all this, as they were busy being disgusted by the "abundance" of gore. I'm not sure about other horror fans, but I was highly entertained by this. I doubt H.G. Lewis will be around in 2065, but I hope someone with his same fun spirit makes a sequel to this. So check it out; it'll have you (barrel) rolling on the floor with laughter!

Leonardo Malacay S (kr) wrote: Lo mejor de esta pelcula es que sirvi para parodias guarras

Marc L (au) wrote: Probably two of the coolest vampires ever put on screen. A movie that makes you ponder what's wrong with humanity, with out being preachy. Plus a soundtrack that will make you wish you were as cool as the main characters.

Elliott B (au) wrote: Okish animated western with voice of Johnny Depp!

Lucas Y (br) wrote: One of my favorite movies & performances. Smooth talking Campbell Scott takes his dork teenage nephew out for a night he'll never forget. I can't stand movies filmed in NY anymore because the city is so in love with itself, but I don't think they said NY once the entire time. Not even a shot of a skycraper I don't think. The poor lighting sets the tone of the film well too. The editing is fantastic. Really surprising storyline that never slows either. I can't think of anything I don't like about this film. George C. Scott's history with the Oscars and film industry must have fucked up his sons chances at a better career. This man deserves more recognition.