Helmut by June

Helmut by June

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Frances H (ag) wrote: Not a bad indie rom com.

Brian G (ru) wrote: The fourth entry into the Transformers franchise will make you want to say, "Don't do it! Just don't do it!" to none other than Michael Bay who will direct the rest of the other movies that will follow this exhausting and loud clash of metal against metal.

Radosaw K (us) wrote: Easy and enjoyable. Not too much action though.

Zachary L (au) wrote: The Gojira franchise has flatlined and this forgettable escapade does absolutely nothing to help it. Despite the uninteresting heart of the movie, there is a good deal of fascinating set pieces and it is beautifully shot, but the mechanics of the film alone are not enough to save it.

Cody Y (ru) wrote: Again I write: The book is better. But in terms of a movie illustrating how bloody and dangerous love can be, this one is an interesting little diversion. The photography is beyond brilliant and Meg Ryan is surprisingly awesome.

Diane E (ru) wrote: I tuned into this movie about half way through and was instantly gripped. I don't normally like war movies, but this was a brilliant depiction of the fear, misery and destruction of war. Excellent acting and direction. I'm surprised I hadn't heard of it before. On a par with 'Saving Private Ryan' but much better.

Mohamed F (ru) wrote: My favorite Jarmusch film so far

Mark E (jp) wrote: pretty much the definition of offbeat. ten year old boy drives cross country, undergoes vaguely mystical experiences (which seem altogether Canadian, somehow)...unfocused but thoroughly compelling

Ella B (kr) wrote: The original film is so much better than the series that followed it. It's impossible not to feel for the lead actress and be moved by her psychological torment.

Jamie C (ca) wrote: Well acted from Eminem, A really good gripping film that even people who don't like him would enjoy, Easily the best film by a rapper as the lead role.

Charlie D (de) wrote: My only regret is that the film didn't take it farther which would carry it more fantastical-like but far more pleasing in the conclusion. But since things don't work that way its acceptable how it went. But it's trip that it took you on feels so familiar and makes you longing for something like it, it's my quintessential romantic drama. The actors who played the characters and the writing fused flawlessly and ultimately placed my admiration higher for them. Yet even after all this there is still something i loved about it so much that I just can't seem to explain.

Stefan G (br) wrote: This movie almost reminds me of Jet Li's martial arts classic "Hero", but it's clearly not as appealing or moving. Then again, this is one of those cases where I find it rather hard to put myself in the shoes the main character. The plot is, of course, based on historical events, but given that it's from a nationalistic perspective, the story tends to present foreigners in a somewhat caricatured fashion (I might also like to point out that there's a scene where there are English subtitles even though the characters in the scene speak in English). All jarring aspects of the story aside, the performances are actually quite good, even if they're not as great as they could have been. The film's production values, meanwhile, are quite good, and the highlight of the movie will undoubtedly be its well-choreographed fight scenes, which any fan of Jet Li is sure to appreciate. To summarize, the storytelling may be a little sketchy, but the fight choreography will more than make up for it, even if the fight scenes aren't always fresh.

Stephanie F (it) wrote: Now I love Grant but I was hoping there wouldn't be too much Curtis-sadly there was although he wasn't as annoying as he might have been. The Seaman Hornsby bit was hysterical. It's also annoying that Grant ends up with such a loser-definitely beneath him.