Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter

A detective gets involved with a wealthy socialite who can't seem to stop hiccuping.

A detective gets involved with a wealthy socialite who can't seem to stop hiccupping. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Helter Skelter torrent reviews

Leong C (us) wrote: A funny little indie comedy, and Thomas Haden Church was terrific in his role....

Jennifer J (ag) wrote: I thought this was an amazing movie...kurt russell's speeches and life lessons were wonderful. Must see.

matt d (kr) wrote: this is a good movie 2

Lara T (fr) wrote: Pretty awesome movie, the visuals and animation is really cool. The story is a little complicated to follow, I had to watch it twice in order to understand it fully.

Josh S (br) wrote: One of Andrew's favorite movies growing up.

Wes S (it) wrote: Messy plot and unexciting characters. It's a bore to sit through this 50's low budget TV-Movie mash up, but the cheesy effects add some entertainment to anyone who enjoys riffing these types of movies.

Ivan M (gb) wrote: I thought this film was pretty good. There are numerous fascinating scenes, and some of the characters are equally interesting. Yet for the most part of the film, the main character is so darned unlikeable that you don't care what happens to him, and you are angry at the other, decent people for forgiving him and staying with him. He doesn't deserve the good fortune he gets and that kind of bugged me throughout the film. However, the film's ending makes you realise that the film is not about this man at all. It is about his wife's brother, who silently suffers as he sees her being mistreated and done wrong by. He tries to keep his chin up and keep the group of friends together, but it cannot be done. He leaves the town by train, and in what must be ranked as one of Fellini's truly great endings, the film cuts from the view out the moving train's window to almost every central character, the camera moving back as if it were a train. This fantastically emphasises the totality of the man leaving this dreadful life behind him. Not essential by any means, but if you love Fellini it's very interesting to watch and think about.

Dan C (kr) wrote: My 12 year old son loved it I found it bearable

Anastasia (it) wrote: Climax, ending (14) TO OWN