Hemliga Svensson

Hemliga Svensson

The little town Västerköping needs a new police man - but the only applicant is the small and tiny Fridolf. He gets the job but has to work with the big and strong police inspector ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rajesh M (gb) wrote: Feel good, well done. Manages to not go over the top.

Ryan E (br) wrote: Aug 7, 2016Beach House in CAJake Ousley

Lydia J (jp) wrote: I was very intrigued by this film. And kept thinking it was a documentary. I thought Nadia was great. And loved "The Puzzler" and his philosophical tangents.

Kyle W (it) wrote: found this film a wonderful step back in time following a hyped music scene in 1970's.

Bengel W (mx) wrote: The portrayal of a Chinese American acting out as an African American is one of the funniest things you may see on screen. The actors throw there small bodies into the roles with gusto allowing the laughter to flow freely. Photography and lighting are rather bland giving an amateurish TV feel, however, the story and actors carry the entertainment well. Nibbles: Doufulu, rice congee.

Frit F (jp) wrote: The storytelling is a little weird, and the tone seems to change at parts...but Overall it's still a very well made film with some heart-pounding war scenes. Flaga doesn't quite hold up to Iwo Jima, it's companion and more emotionally engaging masterpiece.

Denise B (nl) wrote: Gives you a sense of wonder at the beauty, danger and force that is Antarctica, and the people and dogs who must survive in that habitat.

Tyler S (ca) wrote: John Carpenters last really good work in my opinion. This movie is genuinely freaky with some very disturbing images. The plot is really twisted and dark, and there is absolutely no feel good here. The movie involves a popular horror writer, and how is books somewhat become a reality. The central character played by Sam Nell is good here. He gets lost in the writers book and goes on a journey to find out about him when weird stuff starts happening to him. Real good film.

Chris D (kr) wrote: This would be impossible to review without using far too many superlatives...suffice to say, if you still have a pulse you're obligated to see this film. It's as close to "moving art" as I've ever seen. I have to say the ending was a bit bombastic, but the message was very clear and will no doubt have many going to back to re-watch the film: there's so many tiny things here, small gestures of all varieties, to be up on.

Monet J (es) wrote: This movie really had a meaning to it. I enjoyed it and Denzel did a great job like always.Gotta Love Spike Lee Joints!

Randy W (es) wrote: I actually skipped orchestra rehearsal once to sit in the library basement and watch this movie. Totally hilarious. All professional orchestral musicians (and perhaps, only orchestral musicians) would appreciate the humor.

Nicholas G (jp) wrote: This is a tragedy about four men who knew each other when they were children who later reconcile. "Mystic River" features impressive performances especially from Sean Penn.

Omar A (jp) wrote: One or two good funny moments, other than that the dry characters and average script makes it not worth the time.