Hempsters: Plant the Seed

Hempsters: Plant the Seed

The film follows the lively exploits of activists for (and against) the movement for the legalization of the hemp plant in America. It features Woody Harrelson, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson...

The film follows the lively exploits of activists for (and against) the movement for the legalization of the hemp plant in America. It features Woody Harrelson, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben M (ca) wrote: Although I don't think this is an accurate representation for why all Thai girls resort to prostitution, this particular story is pretty touching, and worth watching.

Steve D (jp) wrote: Has some nice ideas and beautiful scenery but doesn't really follow through with it's premise. Best summarised as Not Fully Realised. OK though.

joseph K (gb) wrote: It's not that a movie about bookworms talking about books can't be good...And there probably IS an engaging story here (maybe it's "The Stones of Summer" itself), but it's not the one Moskowitz wants to tell us about.

Tim E (ag) wrote: A great idea for a movie, poorly executed. Average animation with some bits that shine. I had to watch this twice as I fell asleep on my face the first time.

David A (us) wrote: (from The Watermark, 01/04/96) An interesting, though sometimes unfocused, study of love vs. passion. The film is the true story of painter Dora Carrington and the platonic relationship she shares with author Lytton Strachey. They are in love with each other, even though Strachey is gay. They decide to set up house together, abandoning all of England's accepted social structures. The performances by Pryce and Thompson are captivating, though at times the film seems too blandly directed for a story about such a consuming and impossible love. QQ: Lots of gay stuff going on with Pryce's character which is all very matter-of-fact; a positive social scenario, indeed.

Karsh D (us) wrote: Lemmon and Matthau bring their magic to the big screen once more and their charisma carries the film through a pretty threadbare script

Alex K (br) wrote: This movie played frequently when I was a yound lad. Killer movie that involves evil ninja's possessing a decently hot 80's chick. I love this movie.

Terence (es) wrote: The Incredible Petrified World: a really boring talky with a diving group that gets stuck in a cave underwater and bitches and argues with each other the whole film. it makes seem Blair Witch bearable. overall i guess a decent old creaker. supposedly there was going to be a monster but it looked so bad it was cut out.

Jennifer E (es) wrote: I guess I could give this a few stars...I liked it but there was something missing. The score, was very fitting, especially in the beginning--it was a very intimate feeling of relationship with the landscape, and the "inner landscape'. Beautiful scenery; I love the fact that it takes place in Russia. I have to admit when I first saw her double, I thought she looked scary. I knew that with all the shots of the mirrors, something like that had to happen. I liked it. Doubles/Dopplegangers and events of the past so traumatizing that they never really end, are interesting...but I'm not sure what kind of feeling I have about it here. When she was trying to cross the river and saw her double standing there watching her, and when she drove into it and her double was witnessing her death...it was just creepy, but really great. I'm a little confused where her brother's lover fits in the picture, though. The most interesting thing about this film is who directed it. Nacho has mentioned his feelings about death in the past, and this may give some insight here.

Dylan D (ag) wrote: Journey to the Far Side of the Sun isn't so much a "fun" movie as it is a "thinking man's" movie, but even in that regard it's dwarfed by other movies of its kind, both from its era and elsewhere along the timeline of cinema Science Fiction. It's a quality distraction, spinning a good, healthy yarn but one that's built more on interesting superficialities rather than complex emotion or intimate details of the human condition. Production design is strong for a movie of this size and scope, but the performances are flat, thanks largely to mechanical characters meant to convey information rather than realistically populate the film's world.

Veniea T (kr) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

Tasos L (kr) wrote: Pretty boring, with no interest at all.