Henry Fool

Henry Fool

An egocentric bum transforms the lives of a shy New Jersey garbageman and his sister.

Socially inept garbage man Simon is befriended by Henry Fool, a witty roguish, but talent-less novelist. Henry opens a magical world of literature to Simon who turns his hand to writing the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Henry Fool torrent reviews

Deborah P (es) wrote: Extra star for having Abishek in it in some lovely outfits and on a gorgeous horse. Other than that dross, with poor soundtrack but my daughter enjoyed it (goodness knows why)

Nathan G (au) wrote: Short and sweet, which is what makes this snoozer at least bearable to watch.

Josh X H (mx) wrote: Its about Joe Strummer. So yeah, its one of the most interesting movies ever.

Michael D (jp) wrote: While this movie has some genuinely shocking violence, it's horribly over the top. This film is about a bunch of horny teenagers that want to go camping in the middle of nowhere which just so happens to be where insane twins murdered a bunch of people. The only weapon Simon/Stanley uses is a pickax. Not just one though, he made multiple pickax catapults and giant pickax bear traps. Like I said, over the top. Also, the acting is horrible. But the actors didn't have anything good to work with. Speaking of actors, the lead female role is portrayed be the emo chick from Even Stevens(well her career skyrocketed). To be fair, the violence is amusing and the ending, while messed up, is also satisfying.

Sam M (ag) wrote: there ... if after watching this movie you dont feel like having an extra-special relationship with your family. i dont know what else can make you understand that family means eveything

Keith S (jp) wrote: Clint Eastwood's love letter Charlie Parker shouldn't have been written. Disjointed, overly melodramatic, with too many shifting time periods that made it confusing.

Susan A (au) wrote: Elvis er KONGEN!!!!!!

Susan Z (ag) wrote: Great score by Randy Newman, as always. Milos Forman is right--this film could not be made today because of its subject matter--you're basically rooting for the terrorists to win.

Tom S (de) wrote: This thriller requires the viewer to enjoy ghost stories. I don't.

anthony m (mx) wrote: its not one of Paul Thomas Anderson best movies but just like his other films, it gets better after each viewing

R Treybian P (nl) wrote: One question will some up what i thought about this movie: WHY DID THEY MAKE THIS CRAP!!!????