Henry V

Henry V

Gritty adaption of William Shakespeare's play about the English King's bloody conquest of France.

Because of conflict, King Henry V of England decides to lead his army to fight against France. He must struggle with the ups and downs to attain his goal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jimene M (de) wrote: Way loosely based on the Batman story "Son of Batman". It has nothing in common with that story other than the introduction of Damien. A little too bloody a first. Thankfully, DC animation got back to a simplified story which gives all the characters screen time and a chance to develop. I liked that. On the flip side, Deathstroke was wasted in this. He is nothing like he is supposed to be like. The best mercenary in the DC universe and he gets taken down by *****? Whatever. The kid voice actor for Damien does a great job. The dialog between Alfred and Damien is fantastic. PG 13 is accurate so not for little ones, much to Joshua's regret. Why the scene with the hookers? That was way unecessary. Glad the language was back to mostly Ok instead of trying to be edgy with all the cussing.

kenton g (us) wrote: An interesting view into central Africa. There was some humor I loved, and some humor I did not love. An interesting movie for sure, but my expectations were higher.

Richard B (au) wrote: Whole film in 3d ,did my eyes no favours,even the subtitles, still was the first polish film I have seen, damm cineworld running 30mins late , I had a go and got 5 free coffee's for the lot of us. A story of the battle in the 1920's and the poles standing up to the Russians.hard flighting the stood in the end on one bold plan to outflank the troops.Was full 3d needed or did it just get in the way? Well it proved a bullet too much I think,well made other than that, and full respect to the poles, they have been against them for years.

Kathryn R (it) wrote: Heartbreaking, infuriating, and powerful!

Paul A (us) wrote: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit would appear, from the trailer at least, to be a secret agent action film. In fact it is about a man who works in a bank and uncovers terrorist bank accounts which are funding a plot to devalue the dollar (no really, I'm not kidding).We are "treated" to our "hero" travelling to Russia to audit the accounts of the people suspected of funding terrorism. I sh*t you not, he goes to Russia to carry out an audit of their accounts. WTF? Dear Hollywood, there is a reason no one ever made Die Hard: Double Entry Bookkeeping, because no one would want to watch it!After an hour and a half, Kiera Knightly gets kidnapped and the last 20 minutes are like Die Hard, but it's not really worth slogging through the first hour and a half for.Kenneth Branagh is pretty good, although he isn't in it nearly enough, and his character doesn't really develop into something more menacing which it clearly has the potential to do. Kiera Knightly is in the film for no other reason than to remind people she is still available for work and pick up a pay cheque. She is given a one dimensional character that is there purely to be kidnapped so our hero has someone to rescue, but why they chose Knightly I have no idea. Why would you hire a competent actress to play a one dimensional character? If you want someone to play a one dimensional character then why wouldn't you just hire a one dimensional actress that's also eye candy?Basically if you like watching people sitting around talking for an hour and a half, and then having 20 minutes of sh*t getting blown up at the end watch it. But if you want a proper action film, you probably shouldn't bother.

Scott A (ca) wrote: Not as fun as the original, but it's still better than most direct to DVD films. The bad is that the acting has dropped off from the first and they still do that thing they did in the original where the ghosts appear and disappear and jump all over like it was really bad editing.They do find a way to keep Righetti as drenched as possible and she is so sexy. As is Vincent, but she isn''t used as much. Combs does return, but once again does little more than torture flashback ghosts and look menacing.I was shocked that the CGI is actually really good, minus the burning Ghosts, and the death scenes are pretty great...maybe better than the original? And how can you say anything bad about a lesbian ghost scene???The whole idea that some statue is why the house is haunted was kind of stupid, but it leaves a way for another sequel. Stay for the after the credits scene!

Monalee P (nl) wrote: ;.( cried & felt humbled...what a beautiful reminder! Good story line. Very realistic. Hits home...home being where the heart is <3 Casting was perfection. Directing brilliant.

Andrea N (ag) wrote: oh god, the fashion was so awful I just couldn't concentrate.

Tim M (es) wrote: +Primitive bullet time+Shades of Stranglehold+Explosions, guns+Little dog-Dated-Terrible music

Henry B (gb) wrote: the best A&C movies, it is full of magical scenes and big laughs

Jacob B (es) wrote: 2 Guns doesn't know what it wants to be. First it's a heist film, then a crime thriller, then a buddy cop film which doesn't allow it to flow like it should. But with Washington and Wahlberg at the helm, it's hard not to enjoy.B

Greg T (gb) wrote: The Italian "giallo" genre, named after the lurid yellow covers of sleazy detective novels, has a loyal and vocal following. Titles such as "Don't Torture a Duckling", "My Dear Killer" and "What Have You Done to Our Daughters?" stir up exactly the images of sex, violence and perversion that are completely accurate. "Whatever Happened to Solange" is absolutely one of the best of the genre, a po-faced, slick n sleazy whodunnit focussing on an all-girls school whose pupils are getting picked off one by one by the quintessential masked killer with a seeming hatred of female reproductive organs. Beautifully filmed with a haunting score by Ennio Morricone, if you're going to dive into this pretty dodgy genre, "Solange" is a great place to start. Be warned - it's a stagnant pool to wade around in though...

Jason M (ag) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised by this after Coppola's recent experiments. It's a sensual experience. Perfectly good movie despite cynicism critics bring to his movies now because they aren't the Godfather.