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Hepicat torrent reviews

bill b (br) wrote: its good but overrated

Daniel C (kr) wrote: Super funny in a quirky way.

Ashish T (jp) wrote: Yes! Yes! I know exactly how you feel!

Nils G (au) wrote: Underbart portrtt. Starrin tog en plats i svensk filmhistoria :)

bill s (br) wrote: Clive Owens shows his chops in this feel good underdog comedy.

Shawn W (jp) wrote: Rare film where a sequel could be made into a children's movie or a horror. This film features two aliens that look like furry walking aardvarks, one who befriends a small boy, the other who kills campers and poachers in the forest.

Adrienne L (jp) wrote: Maybe it was the direction that didn't do it for me. I dunno. Aside from Richard Gere's enjoyable (against type role) playing a villainous cop I didn't feel there was much else to enjoy about this basic cop drama. William Baldwin looked hot and Andy Garcia's character smacked his wife around. Lovely. Laurie Metcalfe was funny playing Garcia's lesbian partner. Meh.

Tim K (ag) wrote: Still a fantastic plot, but terribly executed. An embarrassment to the original film, especially for Michael Caine. Cheesy cinematography full of gimmicky "artsy" shots and distracting lighting. Screenplay is riddled with pointless swearing and is over-acted by Jude Law.

Joel A (us) wrote: The beginning of a12 film series I believe ...oh Mighty Gemera is basically a 50 foot mutant turtle that terrorises Tokyo.Visually this film is quite impressive with complex model work, stuntmen in suits & great trick camera angles.The plot is a little loopy an A-Bomb lands on Artic & Gamera is released, it's B-Grade feel is its charm & what makes it enjoyable. No better to nation to do monster movies than Japan...a fun early monster movie.

Joe M (ru) wrote: Really good, got slow a few times. But I enjoyed it for the compelling characters, acting, and Fords awesome visuals.