Her Alibi

Her Alibi

A writer of BAD detective novels is in full writers' block. He pretends to be the alibi of a beautiful woman who was arrested for murder at first thinking her innocent, but as she shows more and more interesting abilities (such as knife throwing) he begins to doubt his first assessment.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:English,Romanian,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:circus,   spy,   shot in the butt,  

A writer of BAD detective novels is in full writers' block. He pretends to be the alibi of a beautiful woman who was arrested for murder at first thinking her innocent, but as she shows ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Prakash K (jp) wrote: Stylish and mass entertainer.........................One of the best of Tamil cinema which is having lot of twist

Eric H (jp) wrote: Joe Pesci plays a slumlord who is forced by court order to live in one of his own tenements. You'll never guess what happens.... He bonds with its nutty, stereotypical minority inhabitants. Wow, who'd thought that would happen! The biggest question this film raises is: Why on earth could have possibility possessed Oscar-winner Joe Pesci to follow-up "Goodfellas" with this awful film. Simply by looking at the dismal final project it is safe to that script wasn't any good. Did they expect director Rod Daniel to save it? If they did, they were terribly mistaken. The only compliment one can pay this film is to say that Ruben Blades didn't disgrace himself, which is more than could be said of Pesci, who gives a shrill, one-note performance. Pesci can provide effective comic relief in serious films, but, "My Cousin Vinny" notwithstanding, he isn't very funny in comedies.

Aaron C (fr) wrote: A confronting journalistic take on the plight of women in Egypt, from the high and mighty, to the various downtrodden, and how there is little difference.

Steeve M (ag) wrote: Better than expected based on the reviews. Both Mirren and Hopkins were excellent.

Matthew C (ca) wrote: I have to give credit to anyone who puts a film together outside of the Hollywood studio system. It's got to be difficult. But, should that credit extend to ignoring bad acting and writing? It's a hard balance to keep. On the one hand, you have to accept that with a lack of resources comes a certain lack of quality. But, I can't help think this could have been much better, even with the limited budget. Lovecraft's awesome short story Cool Air gets somewhat rough treatment. And veteran character actors Ashley Lawrence and James Russo do their part to elevate the material, but the script is weak and the directing shoddy. And man, did they get some mileage out of the tattooed stripper willing to take off her top. Yikes.

Paul M (de) wrote: it felt too artificial for me. maybe because it was done ON A FREAKING FLIP CAM SO IT LOOKS LIKE A FREAKING STUDENT PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus, David, get a real producer and a real budget and a REAL camera!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam C (gb) wrote: A refreshingly eye brow raising exestential comedy that blends philosophy with human drama to make statements about humanity as a spiritually single entity

Cody H (ca) wrote: This came when I was a kid, and I loved it. When I watch it now, not as much. It's still alright, but not the movie I remember it being. Grade: C+

David C (kr) wrote: This is a self-serious movie about the foibles of pathetic little people engaged in a pastime that is objectively trivial but which to them is a matter of life and death. Namely, disco dancing-disco dancing in the seediest, most peripheral of clubs on the wrong side of the Brooklyn Bridge, no less. For a while the lack of any whiff of sarcasm or judgment on the part of the filmmakers, of the sort you might see in a Coen brothers movie about the dregs of society and their quixotic refusal to acknowledge the futility of their existence, raises questions with direct ramifications for the movie's quality: Does the film not understand how sad and silly its characters are? Are we really supposed to think that disco dancers were the new rebels without causes, or that Travolta's strutting and preening made him the next great underdog like Rocky or the next tragic antihero like one of Al Pacino's roles? And then a conversation happens between John Travolta's character and his dancing partner (Karen Gorney) after which there is no doubt that the seriousness of the film stems from its real understanding and concern for these pitiable, fragile individuals. Here they lay their cards on the table for the first time, and suddenly their personalities are present and clear. The introspective Travolta is indeed smart in his way and is beginning to realize how limited his options in life are, and the guarded Gorney wisely can't bring herself to trust anyone in her sphere of society, and therefore acts as if she doesn't really belong to it. For the first time it is possible to feel sympathy for them both, and that remains the case even as they continue down a destructive path amid the rotting infrastructure of late-70s greater New York. There are some side characters, potentially just as interesting but who don't ever come into focus quite as neatly, on whom the movie's seriousness and good intentions are misspent: Travolta's priest brother, who is a loose end, a woman who seeks Travolta's affections but who is used by the movie in increasingly unsatisfactory and unjustified ways, and a group of Travolta's lowlife buddies whose predictable B-plots involving racial violence and teen pregnancy come to nothing. It is therefore understandable, if slightly unfair, that "Saturday Night Fever" seems to be remembered primarily for its soundtrack.

Cody M (gb) wrote: A twisty fun romp. Now really looking forward to seeing what they do with the remake, especially since the Coen Bros wrote it.

Aj V (de) wrote: A pretty good romantic drama with a good cast, but it could be better.

Ben G (ru) wrote: See Von Stroheim playing Rommel and die. The German genius must have been secretly delighted to hear about the break out of WWII as he could once more be "the man you'll love to hate". The rest of the film is rather an uninteresting studio B despite a few good scenes by director Billy Wilder who may not have been quite used to Hollywood yet.

Carlos M (ca) wrote: Glen Morgan and James Wong, two of the best X-Files writers, did a fantastic job in this excellent, clever and original teen horror movie that has an intriguing premise and knows how to build genuine tension, especially in the nerve-wracking sequence that opens it.

Phillie E (fr) wrote: Another great performance by Penn makes this true story worth the watch.