Her Harem

Her Harem

A seductive woman pushes three men to the limits toying with their sexual desires and male pride.

A seductive woman pushes three men to the limits toying with their sexual desires and male pride. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan C (fr) wrote: I have no idea why critics dislike a lot of action movies, Who Knows? Maybe Rotten Tomatoes Aren't Always Right.

Matthew D (ca) wrote: Very neat idea, with cliche parts. Still, a very fun, sexy, and meaningful film. I highly recommend the newest feature from the director of Heathers.

Gman H (us) wrote: The best I've seen from De Niro in a long while and Dano always delivers.[6/10]

Danny R (kr) wrote: Dentist inherits sleigh dogs in this cutesy family comedy that follows the basic Disney formula and ultimately wastes the talents of Cuba Gooding Jr.

Eliabeth L (it) wrote: I finally saw it, and it was fantastic! Bette Midler has pipes, and her character was such a spit fire! I do not consider this a "lumpy attempt" at creating anything. Love it for what it is. The soundtrack is to die for too.

Steve S (es) wrote: Predictable-ness and questionable sense of relevance aside, this was a good one. Candy doesn't quite reach Chevy Chase level; however, John Candy was being John Candy.

Private U (it) wrote: Sounds good, but is really something of a disappointment. Great cast, even. But it doesn't really help. It's impossible to cook up any sympathy for the characters, the film drags along and there's no real tension. Oh well, I make it sound perhaps a little worse than it is - at least it beats your regular Bruckheimer or Scott blockbuster

Saif A (kr) wrote: This movie is obviously trying to be a bit silly, so it's surprising how it manages to complete over-do it and become ridiculous. As soon as the movie started, I had to wonder, wasn't this written in a decade when modesty was really important? So why is our main character wearing a dress so short it doesn't cover her underwear, and then she gets so excited at every little thing that she just has to do a handstand and flash said underwear at everyone? The movie also starts with the premise that grandmother is going to grandfather's funeral and then returning, but so much happens while she's gone that she obviously abandoned the granddaughter she pretended to be worried about. What could have been a good concept was made just way too silly in this movie...

Joaqun S (mx) wrote: Emily Watson est muy bien. Von Trier hace otro captulo donde al final acabas sintindote mierda.

Logan M (mx) wrote: It's never really that funny or solid, and I'll never comprehend how the film's questionable elements garnered so many awards and acclaim.