Her Minor Thing

Her Minor Thing

Jeana does IT for the Sacramento Fire Department. She and Tom, a self-confident local TV news reporter, are about to go on a cruise to Rio when he lets slip on TV that she is a virgin. It's a slow news week, so this becomes a story: the media pursue Jeana, she breaks up with Tom and wants the tickets or her cruise money back, and Tom can't believe she's serious. Her path crosses that of Paul, a photographer recently arrived from Texas who's also Tom's cameraman; he's had six serious relationships that have ended with his heart broken. A triangle of sorts develops. Will Jeana end up with either man? Will she end up on the cruise? And what about that minor thing?

The life of a successful professional woman turns chaotic when her boyfriend accidentally reveals on TV a highly personal secret about her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven F (fr) wrote: not worth the 1/2 star for effort....

Konrad S (br) wrote: Nice modenr take on classic rape & revenge exploitation form! Sex & violence lovers will love it, I wouldn't recommend it to everyone else anyway.

Jan H (au) wrote: I can't believe that she let her sister spend eight years in jail for something she did herself.

Marena K (ca) wrote: Except the Matrix scenes (which make me laugh too much to watch the movie) I enjoyed it very much.

JM G (it) wrote: I probably like this movie more than most due to already being a huge fan of Duel. I loved all the Duel references and this really wasn't bad for a low budget thriller.

Nilufer R (de) wrote: It was a solid good drama. Natalie Portman is spectacular as always but I think Cher would be a better mom for this movie, maybe because she is more like the rouge type.

Jayakrishnan R (it) wrote: 65%Saw this on 22/6/14The humour is more or less there, but the action sequences are not that inventive as the second film or not as strange as in the first film. However this film has to be liked for the chemistry of it's leads and of course the Rene Russo factor.

Frederic K (ru) wrote: Yep, that's a geographer's life alright. Canadian movie

Jesse B (mx) wrote: A simple story concerning a greedy landowner and the new, city hunchback which happily traipses into town looking to start a new life as a farmer for his family. The newly deemed farmer (Gerard Depardieu) is full of glee and positive attitudes and is rather unwelcome in this quiet French town, and unbeknown to him, is the owner of a spring which makes his land especially lush and fertile. His neighbor (Yves Montand) has had his eye on the property for a very long time and would have that spring for his own, as well as the property. When it is made known to Montand's character that the water and land shall remain out of reach for as long as the family remains, he hatches a cruel scheme to encourage them to leave the land. Although the plot seems very simple to the ear upon explanation, the film is a wonderful portrait of man's struggle with nature and the cruelty which is oft inspired by man's greed. This is only the first half of a two part film, later continuing as "Manon of the Spring".

Callum B (de) wrote: not a bad movie, its better than the kids movie batehoven.

Francis K S L (au) wrote: simply spectacular!!!

Tasos L (br) wrote: I love these ''private eye'' films.. Great movie!

Pete S (au) wrote: Amusing western with a naughty and comedic twist.

Jessica L (nl) wrote: TATTTTUUUMMM <3 At first this movie was a drag...just like another bad cut sequel. But once they enter university, things got interesting and funny. Oh it's funny. There are certain parts that's a bit over in terms of trying to be funny, but most of it is just for a good laugh. Channing is so hot!

Ben T (ag) wrote: A classic Disney movie with amazing animation and a great score

Jacob E (jp) wrote: Best dog gone dog in the west.