Her Name Is Tamilarasi

Her Name Is Tamilarasi

One minute in the life of a man can change the way his life shapes up. In one minute, one can take a decision, which can alter his or her life forever. This film is about a decision taken ...

One minute in the life of a man can change the way his life shapes up. In one minute, one can take a decision, which can alter his or her life forever. This film is about a decision taken ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos D (ru) wrote: Slow and pretentious, yet with a powerful dramatic story, enough to overcome the flawed narration.

Tit M (us) wrote: pas ouf mais sympaduo demaison efira efficace

Ivelisse L (es) wrote: I love this movie. it teaches u not to give up n your dreams just of how u look or how the world wants u to b n to look like... love it

Robert V (jp) wrote: Caught this movie on Showtime last night and I really enjoyed it. Great cast with a standout performance by Billy Crudup, playing a man who plays women (in Elizabethan England). It is actually a little more interesting to me than was 'Shakespeare in Love" as it had dramatic and comic elements which were well balanced. Tom Wilkinson was great as always. Set design, cinematography, casting - all just great! If you have any interest in the stage or Shakespeare, this is really a must see.

Mahoney S (de) wrote: Unfortunately this movie is underestimated. Can't explain that phenomenon.

Erik H (ru) wrote: Top notch drug filmmaking. Matt Dillon looked a little like James Franco sometimes. Spooky.

Panos M (es) wrote: A real surprise from the 80s and probably the best slasher from that decade. Most of Sleepaway Camp reputation is due to its notorious ending; a real shock and one of the creepiest ever made.

MF J (mx) wrote: The mask of the Devil is probably the most famous Mario Bava horror film. A sort of cult classic object that has influenced countless other films and directors around the world. The film is quite simple and straightforward with a beautiful photography and a deep black and white that gives the film a timeless look preventing it from aging badly like many other films from the 70's and 80's have. If you are a fan of Italian Horror films and enjoy a good old demon story with a beautiful witch in it. This film is for you. The camera work is quite interesting and some horror effects are still relevant and better than what we get to see sometimes in recent films. Classic.

Thomas R (ru) wrote: A good movie but it over exagerated the role of George Armstrong Custer. Made him out to be a total hero, but in truth had alot of flaws. But even in this movie, it does show part of his character, he not only was willing to commit suicide by going after the Indians, but he also led his entire regiment to their deaths as well. So he wasnt such a hero after all. But all in all it was a good movie, made in those times, when they made hero's that way.

Linda M (fr) wrote: loved it great movie

Spencer P (ag) wrote: Crazily paced, unfocused, but still somewhat satisfactory in the end.

Ian H (br) wrote: Bergin 'eats up ALL the scenery' in this over-blown melodrama. Cringe making.

bill s (de) wrote: For as seriously as the actors took this it turned out as such a big joke.

Des S (fr) wrote: This wasn't as good as it sounded, but I did enjoy watching it for the most part. I just wish it would have ended differently.

Todd W (it) wrote: The Storyline was corny but it was okay for being a B movie. However the acting of the main girl. It just pissed me off. It's probably not her fault as she may have been told to act that way but it got to the point I just wanted her character to hurry up and die. Her character was annoying and couldn't do anything for herself.I was hoping for a corny Netflix movie but got a disappointment that just made me bitter.