The muscular Hercules performs his Labors, sails with the Argonauts, and romances the fair Iole.

The muscular Hercules performs his Labors, sails with the Argonauts, and romances the fair Iole. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hercules torrent reviews

Kenny R (br) wrote: very disappointing ending with some great sex scenes

dan u (us) wrote: If you want to cry, watch the movie.

Susan B (it) wrote: Fantastic movie with a great message. The comedy- love story kept me in stitches throughout the movie. I am still laughing about some of the funny scenes and lines in the movie. It was well written and the characters were great! I am anxious to watch it again.

Becky T (au) wrote: I love Eric Balfour, but this movie was hopeless. Bad filming, bad CGI, and the plot could've been better. Did have a good line, 'It was an egg! As in a baby monster!'

Ian W (au) wrote: Great second film. You really connect with the lead whos just trying to get on with his life.

Leah N (mx) wrote: Potential good suspense...........?

Murder C (es) wrote: Melanie (Leah Pipes) just meets up with her family again after spending time in rehab. As the family has moved from California to a small town in Texas, Melanie and her sister Crystal (Kristin Cavallari) find out about a urban legend involving the ghosts of some children that had died from a bus crash in 1957. But could there be more to the urban legend than what is told? To my surprise "Fingerprints" is a decent horror movie using elements from both ghost and slasher films. Sure the acting ain't all that great and the story is pretty predictable, but nonetheless I enjoyed this one. Worth checking out.

Davey M (de) wrote: Exceptional storytelling (far more compelling than the book itself), terrific animation from Chuck Jones & co., with a genuinely profound message, and really, really emotionally powerful for a story about an elephant and some people who live in a dust speck. Those monkey dudes are some of the scariest villains in film history. The music is a little weak, unlike Jones' equally incredible "Grinch," which has one of the greatest musical scores ever, but it serves its purpose and doesn't detract from this practically perfect little film.

Minna K (es) wrote: The story is built for the famous actors but it does not really carry on. I do not feel any sparkle between these two.

Camille L (gb) wrote: Austin Powers 2 ressemble normment au premier opus, certains gags sont quasiment du copier-coller et l'intrigue n'est qu'un gros vice-versa de son ane (on retourne dans le pass au lieu d'aller dans le futur). Sauf qu'Austin Powers 2 pourrait s'appeler Austin Powers 2.0. tant il fait tout mieux que son prdcesseur. C'est beaucoup plus drle, plus rythm, Mike Myers y est son meilleur dans un triple rle, Heather Graham, Mindy Sterling, Rob Lowe et Seth Green sont de parfaits contrepoids et c'est surtout beaucoup mieux mis en scne. Austin Powers 2 introduit aussi le personnage de Mini-moi, clairement la meilleure ide de la saga. Superbe suite.

darren m (au) wrote: ok movie but has very little to do with the monster could have been much better

Stanley C (mx) wrote: Just like Conquest, Battle had the potential to have been a great, ground-breaking movie but wasted their characters and storytelling about the same, continuously repeated goal of re-unification and peace through dull preaching and dull character development. But we can still thank this movie for having provided the creative writing backbone for the much better-made DAWN of the Planet of the Apes, just like we can thank Conquest for the same for RISE. My message to fellow moviegoers who love apes, don't watch Battle, just watch the reboot Dawn of Planet of the Apes, it has a very similar story but with better special effects and better organized story and character structure.

jesse k (mx) wrote: I took my landlady's daughter's young son to see this when I was living in San Bernardino. Good for a few laughs. I meant to take him to a Disney movie but it wasn't showing.

Miguel C (fr) wrote: Doesn't compare to the game.

Devin L (nl) wrote: It's a good movie, but the Americanized version of the original Godzilla has been chopped up so much that the poignant and thought-provoking message of the Japanese version is completely left out.