Hercules in the Underworld

Hercules in the Underworld

When villagers begin disappearing it is discovered that they had fallen through a crack in the earth which goes straight to Hades. Hercules once again comes to the rescue and faces one of his most difficult challenges, and must prove himself as a man as well as a god. "Hercules in the Underworld" is the fourth made for TV movie in the series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

Hercules is finally a happy family man with his wife Deianeira, two young sons Aeson and Clonus, daughter Ilea and in-living centaur Nessus. When a trickster lures men to fight -using a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hercules in the Underworld torrent reviews

Eliabeth H (kr) wrote: scary the fuck out of me

John W (jp) wrote: Of all of the accolades and accomplishments Metallica has achieved throughout their career, being one of the greatest risk takers in Rock history has to be the most unheralded. Obviously, when multiple risks are taken, some work (i.e, pioneering Thrash Metal, recording with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra) and some don't (i.e. the St. Anger album, recording with Lou Reed). "Through The Never" is an example of one of their risks that sort of worked. Since Metallica is arguably the greatest live band ever, they could've made a typical concert film and would've made their fans happy. However, since typical bores the band, they sought out to make a mark with this movie by having a scripted plot interwoven into the movie. As great as the concert footage is, the plot is equally as bad. The concert is a feast for not only the ears but the eyes as well. The band thoughtfully plays at least one song from every album they've ever recorded. This is an ode to their legions of true fans who rabidly know their entire anthology. If that weren't enough, Metallica spared no expense and drove their stage designers crazy (this is no joke, the designers have a show on AXS TV and their frustration was well documented on one of the episodes) and built one of the most innovative stages in history. The stage, coupled with the set list would've made any fan smile from ear to ear. Since the band's motto has been "What about the kids?" for decades, they wanted to give their fans even more, they also inserted a plot into the movie. Sadly, this was a poorly executed idea.The plot just made no sense. As if that weren't bad enough, it just got plain silly at the end. This left the viewer with the idea that the writers had painted themselves into a corner and couldn't go anywhere else with the story. The whole experience reminded me of Led Zeppelin's "The Song Remains The Same." Except, in this case, no one can blame the pharmaceutically induced 70's as the excuse for the strange plot. Finally, I also took off half of a star for the 3D. While the movie was visually stunning, 3D offered no enhancement of the experience.

Ivan D (es) wrote: ok movie, with a good plot twist. and it has Terence Stamp in it, which is a plus :)

Ajeesh V (ru) wrote: Lovely movie... Amazing... I love this movie....

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Stephanie B (nl) wrote: I really liked the movie.

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Kerby H (ag) wrote: Though it's pretty much just another typical World War II movie, it has good character development and a smart script.

Charlie M (ag) wrote: Truck carrying chemicals explodes in the Holland Tunnel and Sylvester Stallone saves those who survived. It's your typical disaster flick for certain with a hero in place.

Matija G (fr) wrote: Ovogodisnji filmovi koji su nominirani za Oscara posveceni su nevjerojatnim genijalnim osobama od matematicara Alana Turinga, velikog Stephena Hawkinga, i tako veceras pogledao sam na televiziji sjajni film iz 1996 Shine biografiju velikog australskog pijanista Davida Helfgotta u izvedbi nevjerojatnog Geoffreya Rusha. Film sam naime prvi puta pogledao 1996 godine u srednjoj skoli na satu povijesti glazbe, gdje smo tada nakon odgledanog filma mi mladi ljudi raspravljali koja bi zena mogla voljeti i zivjeti s takvim cudakom kakav je David. Da se vratim malo na pocetak I da kazem nekoliko rijeci o cemu se zapravo u filmu radi za mlade generacije koji film nisu gledali.David Helfgott nadareni je djecak, pijanist, u cijem odgoju glavnu rijec vodi autoritativni otac. Shvatio je da je David najdarovitiji od sve njegove djece. David dozivljava enorman uspjeh te ga zele poslati na studij u inozenstvo, na londonski konzervatorij. David tamo upoznaje velikog ucitelja koji ga primi, no David dozivljava nervni slom I vraca se u Australiju gdje zavrsava u raznim mentalnim ustanovama. Helfgottovi ucitelji na kraljevskoj akademiji istaknuli su ga kao cistog genija .Nakon toliko godina od posljednjeg gledanja ovog genijalnog filma tvrdnja u cijelome ovome filmu nije da se Helffgott smatra jednim od najboljih pijanista nego u tome da mu je ljubav njegove supruge pomogla da se uspjesno oporavi od dugotrajne borbe s mentalnom bolescu kako bi mogao ponovno zasvirati pred publikom. Ljudska dusa je neshvacena i uvijek ce biti enigma jer je nevidljiva, a ponasanje genijalnog uma mora imati prihvacanje pa tako I razumijevanje svih ostalih zato i je genijalan kako i sam David kaze 'nema takve glazbe kakvu on cuje u svojoj glavi' Jedan od najboljih glazbenih filmova po meni jer se radi o neshvacenosti a umjetnost nije umjetnost ako je svima shvacena. Cista petica.

Champ S (gb) wrote: great movie. I just love all films from this studio.

Kevin R (ru) wrote: You stupid jug-head bastard!Will Penny is an aging cowboy who believes he took a fairly easy and straightforward job where he spends his days riding his horse along a ranch's line and ensure no invaders or squatters are in the area. He is assigned to sleep in a cabin in the hills. His first trip to the cabin he finds a deserted lady and her son squatting in the cabin. They make a reluctant agreement to stay in the cabin together through the winter and part ways in the spring. After spending some time together, they may change their spring plans."You weren't about to do something; were you, because I'd sure like to clean your plow for you." Tom Gries, director of Breakheart Pass, Girl in the Woods, Serpent Island, 100 Rifles, Lady Ice, Number One, The Greatest, The Connection, and Helter Skelter, delivers Will Penny. The storyline for this picture is fairly common for the genre and straightforward. The settings were cool, the dialogue was solid, and the characters were fascinating. The acting was excellent and the cast includes Charlton Heston, Lee Majors, Joan Hackett, Donald Pleasance, Bruce Dern, and Slim Pickens. "Sharing a blanket don't make us married!"Will Penny is a movie I grabbed while in the mood for a western. I loved seeing Heston in this setting and genre and his interactions were as noble as you'd expect. There weren't too many memorable scenes but there were some great interaction and dialogue. This is worth watching once but may not be worth adding to your western collection."It's just a case of too soon old and too late smart." Grade: B-