A panoramic view over society across ten unfortunate characters whose stories sometimes intertwine.

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VJ L (ag) wrote: Such a great movie!! They were so incredibly smart!! Loved this!!

Alex S (br) wrote: A strong movie and often not easy to watch. Jrgen's daughter whom he loves and adores very much, perhaps too much, left with her boyfriend for Namibia. She never contacts him so he want to Namibia himself trying to find her. Sounds pretty trite except that while there he comes to shocking realization of some terrible event. I stop here as I don't want to write a spoiler, while mentioning only that this movie reminds me somewhat of "Santra Sangre."

Kurt B (ag) wrote: Pretty standard story line for a horror, a bunch of teenagers end up in a mansion or large building with a restless spirit who is unable to pass over to the other side because of some silly reason. The kids get axed and that's pretty much all that happens, all the usual things are included that just spell a recipe for disaster in teenager infested horror's. The acting is pretty standard of these sorts of films, which means pretty bad... Notable bad performances were the ghost, every time she opened her mouth it was a case of verbal diarrhea. There was only one performance I admired in particular which is Roddy Piper! obviously because his unforgettable performance in "They Live". The DVD cover of Ghosts of Goldfield has Roddy Piper's name at the top as if he's staring in the movie but he must appear in it for a maximum of ten minutes if you add all his scenes up. There wasn't an ounce of originality within the feature, the kids act like a bunch of pricks and it's obvious they are all going to get a face full of ghost so Roddy doesn't bother to put them through his pubs bar worktop and just gives them the key to the haunted hotel instead. Like usual all the teenagers die in order of who is the biggest prick or who is the biggest stud and manages to shaft some females. One of the girl's to go happens to be a thief and a slag so she bites the dust first. The last person to go is always the innocent girl who shouldn't really be there; it's been a rare occasion to actually see the bloke survive when you also have a smoking hot virgin in the film. There is one annoying character in particular. You always get the one in every movies of this calibre who jumps out from behind a cupboard to scare the rest senseless and it just becomes so annoying, it would be more of a surprise if it was actually the ghost doing this within the first twenty minutes. Some of the directing within the movie is absolute diabolical, I don't want to be fed the same crappy camera angles and murder scenes in every horror movie, well at least not one from the year 2007 anyway. In comparison to the movie "See No Evil" staring another wrestler in the shape of Kane and also set in a hotel this is about ten times worse; at least the deaths in "See No Evil" were original and made you cringe. Another problem which stuck with me that I feel necessary to share are that in the flash backs Roddy Piper's side burns are blatantly stuck on with no more nails or something; I couldn't take it seriously in the slightest. Even with all the problems I have listed I shall still award Ghosts of Goldfield a generous ten percent, the only thing earning it this is because of that ten minutes with Roddy (one percent a minute) and the man doesn't look a day older since he stared in the classic "They Live".

Luke R (jp) wrote: Great if you're into two guys bitchin' and whinin'.

CJ L (kr) wrote: 73% is wrong. This movie is one of Connery's best. Ots a great movie with some real depth.

Jason M (it) wrote: Now watch "Jesus' Son" with Billy Crudup's best role. So much better.

Elliot M (kr) wrote: Absolutely horrible. The sickest (disgusting) movie I've ever seen. The scenes when they murdered the innocent animals for food was just putrid, it showed the animals suffering and was stupidly graphic. There was also so much rape and overall this movie was completely appalling!

John C (br) wrote: One of the most inspirational and emotional movies I've ever seen. I don't know why it took me this long to see it.

jay n (ag) wrote: Linda is ravishing and the costumes are incredibly sumptous, they had to cut the guts out of the novel but on its own terms a fun ride.

Bernard C (fr) wrote: Good story. Great action. Decent performances. Worth a watch. Happiness is a warm gun.

Barry T (jp) wrote: A slow film and didn't really I felt that I learnt anything about Hendrix. That said its well acted and looks good.

Todd M (au) wrote: Unsure how people could not love this movie; written for adults with so many classic one liners and pokes at adventure movie clichs it gets better every time we put it on. if you like single layer family films this may not be your thing but if you like homage, parody and subtext along with your animation then this will become a constant favorite.

Anthony T (kr) wrote: Decent slapstick B horror film, worth watching