Here We Go Again, Eh Providence?

Here We Go Again, Eh Providence?

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Here We Go Again, Eh Providence? torrent reviews

Taylor C (us) wrote: A neat take on the war of the worlds. Not much of a plot. And the humans seem to have way too many resources to be losing as bad as they are.

Loreno S (gb) wrote: Kind a girly brazilian American Pie... very funny...

Tim B (it) wrote: cool idea bad execution

Lucio G (jp) wrote: Beautiful movie, Hollywood forget how to make good movies , todays cinema is made of cartoons and violence,Twice Born, is a excellent drama, well acted,

Alex C (de) wrote: A parody of 2001: A Space Odyssey in name only, this movie about a Bill Clinton clone is truly a travesty. But, maybe, if you have a juvenile sense of humor, then just maybe, you might get a laugh or two out of this movie.

Aaron O (gb) wrote: Sky Movies finds it necessary to replay this eyesore from time to time. This movie is so bad it's good. This film is a cheesefest. Bring crackers and grapes. The action scenes are ridiculous, the acting is shocking, this movie offends movie lovers with its shitness. Guttenburg is doin pantomine is England these days. I've seen it over ten times. I love it. Cant get enough. Paradox. I've spoken....

Charlie G (mx) wrote: Too.political for me.

LaMatra B (jp) wrote: I love that song Pardesi? gets stook in my head often...the movie was pretty nice

James H (fr) wrote: 40/100. Typically Ken Russell, visually interesting, emotionally aloof and hopelessly pretentious. Nicely produced, good art direction and costume design, the cinematography is expressive. I have never been a fan of the director and has his usual pointless and bizarre touches, which I find a turn-off, as well as the characters that spark no involvement in the story whatsoever. It dragged on endlessly for me.

Ephraim G (fr) wrote: From the "Great Santini" to "Tender Mercies" my hats off to R.D.

Kyle G (ru) wrote: I personally rooted for the Zulu to kill all the racist, imperialist British. I won't spoil the ending, but it is true to history, somewhat. Some of the fighting scenes look a little lame today, but it's entertaining and the hour-long buildup did not bore me. So blimey, this is a dandy film. Cheerio brave chaps.

John S (ca) wrote: Similar to Samurai Rebellion, Harakiri is a beautifully crafted tale with fascinating storytelling and strong imagery culminating in an explosive, awe-inspiring action climax.

PierLuigi F (es) wrote: Darn, it's a sexist old musical but the energy and the dances are so good!! fun for the family (with some talk that is NEEDED with your kids to explain how things have changed). One of the classic oldies I will never forget.

John Y (ca) wrote: A very well done film about one of the funniest yet saddest people in the history of Hollywood.

Dan M (es) wrote: This was my first Superman cartoon film and it was pretty cool! Really displays what Superman and his philosophy is all about perfectly and sets it in a post 9/11 world among the mentality of fear and vengeance at all costs. Superman, a man of hope, justice, and peace knows a better way. This was a good preface to the DCCU to see how Superman really should be. It was recommended by a friend and I'm glad I watched it.