Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

Jamie McGregor (Barry Evans) is a virginal sixth-former in suburbia delivering groceries for the local supermarket, but he is more interested in other matters - Mary, Linda, Paula and Caroline. He tries to seduce the girls of his dreams in the swinging sixties.

This comedy / drama film follows the sexual exploits of teenager Jamie McGregor and the permissive society of the 60's. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew R (mx) wrote: You should get to the theater and see this movie, if at all possible. It's a great drama featuring notable performances by several stars, with the standout role belonging to Salli Richardson-Whitefield. If there's any justice in Hollywood this movie should take her career to a new level.

Chintan S (us) wrote: good acting..bit slow though

Ben D (ca) wrote: An intruiging, well told story that explores Medem's usual themes. At times genuinely interesting.

David W (ag) wrote: Watching this now on one of the HBO channels. It's from 1985 and I've seen it before but such a good movie.

Nate F (br) wrote: While the demon closeups are pretty cheesy, this is a vastly underrated film about science vs the supernatural.

Danielle S (us) wrote: Visually stunning. Director's cut please??

Soma S (de) wrote: Most unintresting investigation I have ever seen.

R S (mx) wrote: When you can't come up with a decent film, why not rely on juvenile humor and cliche plot devices... Works every time.

Christopher M (nl) wrote: As this being one of the last movies Scott made before his death, I gotta say I loved this movie and every time its on cable, I watch it...R.I.P Mr. Tony Scott

Ryan B (fr) wrote: really cool baseball documentary. I still doubt Nolan Ryan threw 108 mph though....