Hero Hitler in Love

Hero Hitler in Love

Hero Hitler in Love is a 2011 Punjabi romantic and action film directed by Sukhwant Dhadda with story, screenplay, music & dialogues by Babbu Maan. The Maan Films production stars Babbu Maan, Mouni Roy and Bhagwant Maan in lead roles.

Movie revolves around main character Hitler who loves his village and tries to help everyone. He believes in true love and helps the lovers to unite and often stand with them against the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cole B (gb) wrote: The movie has the unfortunate feel of a made for tv movie or amateur stage play. But it is worth watching for a closer look at what it looks like to try to cross the Devil's Highway.

Blake T (de) wrote: a very good idea for a documentary. at times quite touching, but as a film it's only average. not very well executed, but still worth checking out. as far as metal docs go, watch anvil instead... and as far as iraqi war docs go... watch control room.

Laura M (au) wrote: Kind of predictable as these types of sports stories tend to be, but it was also charming and at times funny. I enjoyed it.

Patrick D (gb) wrote: Looks pretty. But that's about the limit of its appeal. A fine advert for Barcelona, rather less so for the supposed comic talents of Mr Allen as a scriptwriter.

Alastair K (de) wrote: Ever wonder how far a man will go for a moment of love making. Whatever answer you have mustered up. Multiply it and add flames.

David M (it) wrote: With this cast you have gret expectations. They weren't met. Tedious.

Vasco M (us) wrote: This film should get some credit for, if anything, the actors and the dialogue, which are naturally what drives movies of this genre, but in this situation I found myself enthralled by the witticism and the shallow but quaint story concept.

Navaneeth T (au) wrote: one of the worst movie

Joolie S (gb) wrote: Clara!!! Oh God, this movie sucks.

Terence P (kr) wrote: Fun and a lot more laughs then the first one.

FilmGrinder S (kr) wrote: 79%"I'm looking for Villa."-Ambrose "Bitter" Bierce (Gregory Peck)Lavish production about love, self discovery, revolution, and the Truth.

JohnnyLee T (ag) wrote: Hitchcockian psycho-thriller at times. Tour de force performance from Bette. Great settings, score, costumes, etc. Repercussions of a lifetime of guilt. I can't think of another movie where complex sibling relationships/rivalries are so rawly displayed.Did't get more stars because ending/twist could have been handled better.

Andrew F (ag) wrote: Jules Dassin can do no wrong - although this is not one of his strongest efforts. Plenty here to recommend it, regardless.

Byron B (kr) wrote: nominated for best picture at golden globes

Megan R (ca) wrote: my most favorite movie in the entire world!!

Kevin S (gb) wrote: Barbara Stanwyck is the one remarkable element in this rather unremarkable film. Lady of Burlesque has the feel of a formulaic studio adaptation of a likewise formulaic dime store novel. Stanwyck fans, like me, will find a few moments of brilliance here but even Barbara's wit and charm can't elevate this one above the level of mediocrity.

Jonathan J (fr) wrote: All I have to say is this way a great movie that I happen to just watch one night on a whelm...

Drake H (us) wrote: I found it hard to really care about anything. Watergate is a fascinating subject but my god this is boring