Hero No. 1

Hero No. 1

Two young Indians, Meena and Rajesh, meet in Europe and fall in love with each other, promising to get married when they return back to India. When they return home, Rajesh tells his dad ...

Two young Indians, Meena and Rajesh, meet in Europe and fall in love with each other, promising to get married when they return back to India. When they return home, Rajesh tells his dad ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nat T (nl) wrote: The worst film at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. Its highlights are its comedic moments, and even those are formulaic and quickly grow tired. Its surprise twist came about 45 minutes after I lost interest.

Orlok W (us) wrote: Far too chaotic for its own good--A Labyrinth of Question of Fantasy and Reality!!

Mohammed A (it) wrote: Not good movie to watch

Justin S (de) wrote: Better second time, liked the personal story more than the war scenes. Good ending of them at the beach playing

Ed C (de) wrote: One line summary: Relentlessly ugly and poor animation meets nearly opaque script.-------------------------- The picture starts near a village high on a huge vine called Axis. One resident is Kaena, a young adult woman who likes to adventure, while the rest of the village is bound to harvesting sap and offering it to the gods. For sassing the priest, she is exiled. She is captured by an unfamiliar group that is very interested in her because she has curiosity, and will venture beyond the village. Opaz and his people have reconstructed a star ship to return to their home planet. Kaena sees visions of a repository of knowledge of Opaz' people. After various machinations, the repository opens itself to Kaena, with conflict all around her. Will the disputes among the groups be resolved?------Scores------- Art/Animation: 2/10 There is seriously too much negative space is the artwork for most of the scenes, rather like the more disgusting parts of the Alien series, or most of H. R. Giger's paintings or sculptures. It is mostly dark, dull, depressing, surreal, and hideous. Other parts of the film are overly bright and washed out. Neither of these habits is attractive or 'eye candy' as I have seen this monstrosity described so often. Here and there I see serious frame jumps, the kind one sees in a flip book. Sound: 2/10 Amazingly bad leveling. Keep your hand near the volume control. This detracted seriously from the voice acting. Acting: 4/10 Richard Harris and Keith David were fine; Kirsten Dunst was much better than I expected. The queen and so many others were just terrible. Screenplay: 3/10 Next to opaque. Exposition of motivations was a distant, never achieved goal.

Loraine B (ca) wrote: makes you think a lot

Neil E (ag) wrote: Appreciate this more now that I'm older. Really captures a certain time and place brilliantly. For the love of God, somebody please release this on DVD with all the bells and whistles (commentaries, featurettes etc).

Joel V (jp) wrote: I remember seeing this as a kid and thinking that it was so funny. theirs so many bad things in this movie that makes it good. The characters are just plan insane and deaths are bloody. This movie is a fun bloody ride that does take it self serious not even for a second.(n)

Andy K (gb) wrote: Honestly this is my favorite movie of all time love the cheesy blood from the 80's and the one liners of Bruce Willis

Tim F (ca) wrote: Really liked Sam Rockwell in this one. Cute movie!

Denise P (es) wrote: Oculus has some shocking surprises, but it shamelessly wastes them on an endless mind game that fails to provide depth to its one-dimensional inanimate antagonist or a coherent backstory for the movie's shallow screenplay to make for a worthy entry into the extant horror genre, and it is more likely to leave you feeling irritated rather than creeped out on your way out of the theater.

Jamie C (fr) wrote: A good third part that was very different to the previous two, Mainly due to the fact that Raccoon City is destroyed and it's more of a road film this time, The plot was ok a little silly but it has some good action scenes and they're not as over the top as Apocalypse, We finally get introduced to Claire Redfield who was pretty good, Most of the cast return but Jill and Angie's disappearance was never explained yes Jill's was in future films but it would of been nice to at least get a mention of them, We are introduced to the zombie crows and a tyrant in this one, It does again have a few plot holes but it's still allot of fun and it's probably the most mature film in the series.

Nico S (es) wrote: Uplifting, tragic, lighthearted and insightful. This is Marlon Brando, one of the most interesting human beings to have ever walked the earth.