When Max, a young poet hires a marketing company to turn his suicide-by-jumping into a mass-media spectacle, he finds that his subversive intentions are quickly diluted into a reactionary gesture, and his motivations are revealed as a desperate attempt to seek attention through celebrity.

When Max, a young poet hires a marketing company to turn his suicide-by-jumping into a mass-media spectacle, he finds that his subversive intentions are quickly diluted into a reactionary ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Herostratus torrent reviews

Jay R (ca) wrote: The dark truth is this movie is shamefully horrendous and should go straight to DVD with a mail-in rebate inside offering a full refund for anybody whom happens to stumble upon this deceptive, gargantuan heap of garbage. The studio should have cut their losses and run once it became obvious no amount of editing could save this epic bucket of fail -- regardless how many talented actors they paid to martyr their names by sloshing through this career-ender of a film.

Robin v (de) wrote: So corny! Fun and tres canadien.

William S (us) wrote: Very funny and pleasant film. Saame dwarf gun dealer LOL.

Matthew S (gb) wrote: Ang Lee really fails with this film. Though I can't help but note that I probably disliked it more because it was made by such a great filmmaker. But this film is really very much a string of cliches.

Evan K (es) wrote: An average film with a good lead and interesting angle to tell a basic vampire story. I like all the details the director uses to build the vampire hunter's unusual and original hunting methods. He also captured mid-west St. Louis quaint city life very well. Overall, there is a lot of potential but not an entertaining film. Needs more story, tighter pacing, and better action. Lighting at end was good.

l i n d (it) wrote: Another Amanda Bynes movie I love.

Don S (ru) wrote: An average horror story with a cool looking villain, a djinn (genie), who if he can get someone to make a 3rd wish he will open a rift allowing all the djinn to take over the world. The problem is, when he grants a wish, the wisher gets what he wants but in a twisted, demented way. Usually the 2nd wish is to stop the first wish, then no more wishes. Decently acted. Worth a look.

Henry B (fr) wrote: Not a great movie but not all that bad either. It was entertaining when I was a child.

Daniel R (us) wrote: probably the most underrated and disrespected movie of all time.

David (mx) wrote: All Tommy all the Time

Karsh D (au) wrote: Seeing as man had not yet been to the moon this is quite an inventive effort. The film though does struggle with the long periods of non dialogue and non action.

Daniel K (gb) wrote: 2.5: It makes a whole lot of sense to turn this story into a western. They did add more than a dash of comedy and romance as well. It reminded me in many ways of McLintock! even if it is set in Alaska. A few of the comedic parts are way too ridiculous, but the film as a whole works. It's still the same old problem with maintaining law and order on the frontier and the onward western progress of civilization. The area surrounding Nome definitely doesn't look like this and I strongly suspect Gold Rush Alaska wasn't this similar to the Old Hollywood West of the 1800's. Most of the sets were obviously lifted straight out of more traditional westerns. Northern Lights and darkness in what is purportedly the summer is a bit off too. It is kind of funny that some things are still quite overpriced in Alaska, although not to the extent they are here. I couldn't help but find it strange that the Alaskan coast depicted here is inaccessible to me except by slow/expensive boat or plane, while a large portion of the interior is readily accessible now by vehicle, but would have been practically impossible to reach at this time. It's not a great picture, but it's pretty lighthearted entertainment the whole way through. Given the romantic aspirations of the picture, I couldn't help but compare Wayne's characters views on matrimony to those espoused by Austen's characters in her many novels. Pretty funny. The fact that it's set in Alaska makes it more than a bit unique as well.

Andrew B (es) wrote: Not that good. PSH is great, but overall it's not worth the watch.

Philip M (gb) wrote: This movie is pretty tight. As said in the trailer, its a game of "READY, AIM, FIRE". A lot of action but no a devoted action movie. There are a lot of slow times too. Dolph Lundgren is funny and kicks ass!

Jordan O (au) wrote: Beautiful performances by both leads in a film that may not hit every moment on the head but is definitely well above par.

DC F (kr) wrote: Anthony Perkins fell a long way from Psycho and this movie seems like a student project gone bad. It was poorly constructed and not nearly as creepy as the writers meant for it to be. This was a complete flop and is why you never heard of it!