Heshang aiqing

Heshang aiqing

An ancestral city; through its delicious botanical garden and its branched canals, we observe the clues and traces of its ancient culture. Two couples of men and women, former lovers, meet ...

An ancestral city; through its delicious botanical garden and its branched canals, we observe the clues and traces of its ancient culture. Two couples of men and women, former lovers, meet ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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laurence c (nl) wrote: really poor film, simple plot, rarely entertained, Ja rule>? dont think so

Carol M (nl) wrote: Crispin Glover is my most favorite of character actors, because he is so good at what he does, playing bizarre characters so convincingly, so entertainingly. But even his talent wasn't enough to save this predictable, uninspiring, men to old for their girlfriends mentally of a movie. I guess I don't fit into the "Written for 13 year old boys" genre. I was excited when the move started thinking it would bring us back to the creativity of 70'esk cop shows, the Baretta's, Columbo's, Skarsky & Hutch, etc, which intrigued us week to week until they did their time in history, and gracefully bowed out. Freaky Deaky is a deceptive use of a movie title to try and draw you into a movie so un-moving and boring that you wish you could DVR the Gong Show. At least if the writing is shoddy attempt to make it funny, but most people don't find it amusing to hear a woman who was sexually assaulted say "In the condition I was in I don't even know if he was sticking his weenie in me" as funny when referring to being raped. If you have about 2 hours of your life to totally waste, or you are having LSD flashbacks, then this movie is for you. Other than that, there has to be something better you can do.

Jordan J (jp) wrote: I actually enjoyed this. It would be better if it was by Pixar.

Aurora Z (us) wrote: amazing! i want another film with the same cast!!!

Max M (nl) wrote: In reindeer games Ben affleck stars as Rudy who had just left prison shortly before he had left his cell mate named nick had a pen pal named Ashley played by charlize Theron which nick is stabbed in prison but spoiler alert he didn't die so now rudy is free from prison and poses as nick which then Rudy is encountered by Ashley's Brother Gabriel played Gary sinise who is after rudy. But overall reindeer games is a pretty good decent action thriller that has some twists then and there,it's action packed and thrilling,and besides the decent story let me just say another bonus Charlize Theron's nice boobies shown every once in a while in this movie. But overall as I said its a pretty decent movie.

Sigga J (gb) wrote: Oh how I wanted to like this film, for the premise and the incredible cast. Don't bother, it's not even good in a bad way. It is just bad.

Andreas O (mx) wrote: Ah, the time when sportsmen and wrestlers (no, they're not the same) we're given comedic movie roles. In this particular piece of crap, Hulk Hogan babysits a couple of really creepy kids. Except for some unexpected action scenes and some pretty disturbing pranks, you know how this plays out.

Alex P (de) wrote: Probably one of my favorite foreign films. Great acting.

Daniel D (jp) wrote: Tampopo is a Japanese comedy about the art of noodles. It has plenty of funny scenes, especially the silent noodle scene. That brought some good laughs. But the movie loses all focus and has no concentration. This makes the film ultimately pointless. Also WTF was with the erotic scenes, this director would have a bright future in fetish porn.

Mallory C (ca) wrote: I tried so hard to make it through this movie. But alas, at 53 minutes, it got turned off. I am giving this movie one star, instead of 0, because Jeff Bridges and Julian Moore will always get at least one star in my book. Beyond that there is nothing good about this movie. The storyline sucks, the acting is terrible, the accents are awful (I guess the lead couldn't do an English accent but everyone else can?), graphics suck, and they randomly threw Kit Harrington in.

Chris G (au) wrote: Sharing a distinction with Sunset Boulevard in showing the aftermath of Hollywood stardom, What Ever Happened To Baby Jane goes a step further in that we follow the fallen careers of former vaudeville child star Baby Jane (Bette Davis) and her invalid sister, the former star Blanche (Joan Crawford). How does your life go on when you had access to everything, but end up with nothing but memories and fallen glory. It is truly enough to drive a person mad. The film opens with Jane being the child star on the vaudeville circuit, with all the spotlight shining on her young face and every whim of the young girl being fulfilled. At such an early age this child is being merchandised by dolls, perpetuating the idea that she is the center of the universe. Hiding in the shadows is Blanche, all but forgotten by their father who focuses on Jane's career. There is a deep resentment in her face as she watches Jane's behavior. We jump to later where Blanche is the star in Hollywood, but insists that Jane also have a film contract even though her childhood talent did not translate into adulthood. Things turn for the worse when Blanche is paralyzed in an incident that Jane is blamed for, effectively ending both of their careers. After the accident Jane has been caring for Blanche in their spacious Hollywood home. Resentment is the main ingredient in Jane's fall into madness and it finally comes to an apex when she learns that Blanche plans to sell the home for something more manageable. Resentment turns to torture, turns to terror as the film plays out. Casting Bette Davis and Joan Crawford as the sisters was a work of genius. While watching the film I realized that the reason that both actresses took their respective roles was due to the intense competition between the two that had occurred for decades. Joan Crawford could make Bette Davis look terrible and Bette Davis could kick Joan Crawford around for two hours. A wonderful time was had by all. That genuine resentment between the two flows throughout the film, delivering an even deeper experience that pulls the viewer into this world that they created. Blanche is still loved and her films still run on television. Jane's vaudeville career is forgotten. Either actress could have played either role, but they were set in the roles that were best for themselves. Director Robert Aldrich shoots a film that, unlike Sunset Boulevard, doesn't cast a bleak, dark world, but a world that has continued beyond the careers of the two leads. The sun still shines, people still have a good time. Aldrich follows Jane's spiral into madness, hinting around the psychological and physical torture that Blanche receives. This feeling that the world has moved on fully develops in the ending where the world around them is being entertained while the sisters are literally in the middle, gone and forgotten. An ending that seems weird, but symbolizes the entire theme of the film. No matter how famous you are, eventually the world will move on no matter what. It's a sad truth that every celebrity needs to face and some may take it better than others. Films about Hollywood are always a touchy subject. The possibility of falling into the pit of over glamorizing is always an issue that can occur and dilute the message that a filmmaker is trying to achieve. With Baby Jane show business really dies in the film when Blanche is paralyzed, something that Blanche accepts, but Jane cannot do. Eventually she descends into replaying her childhood career, a middle aged woman singing songs that a young girl sang all those years ago, becoming a pathetic parody of herself. This film is a more subtle examination of the fallen star than Sunset Boulevard and stands on its own. They may be related, but they're distant cousins. Both with madness, both with terror, but this film is more optimistic. This film is one of the greats and serves as the swan song for the careers of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. What Ever Happened To Baby Jane is a necessity in cinephile viewing.

Hayley K (ca) wrote: I love me some Chucky. When I was a kid this movie creeped me out. Probably because Chucky looked a lot like my Cabbage Patch doll. Also, I can never get enough young Chris Sarandon. An 80's classic.

Cal C (es) wrote: I just saw the trailer and it looks hilarious. I laughed my ass off through the entire thing.