Het debuut

Het debuut

The delicate story of the impossible love between an older married man and a fourteen-year old schoolgirl.

The delicate story of the impossible love between an older married man and a fourteen-year old schoolgirl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave L (ag) wrote: A fascinating home movie glimpse into the Nixon White House. A few of the conversations between Nixon and his aides are beyond belief. The compelling thing about this film is the videos which were all taken by Nixon admin officials with the infamous Nixon recordings interspersed over the top.

Craig C (de) wrote: Bold. Ballsy independent film making. What a great little film. Touches on many themes of celebrity culture whilst being engaging enough to keep you entertained (tongue firmly in cheek). I??m not entirely sure how to define the film itself e.g. film within a film, contemporary Fellini on a shoe string (think La Dolce Vita), reality film, pseudo documentary - its all in there with a heavy dash of satire.It is a lot of work but the performances from the cast are rock solid. This is a complete departure from Michael Madsen's usual hit or miss fare. It really shows many facets of the man beyond his Quentin Tarantino screen persona. I hope he gets some decent roles soon that do not involve throwing Segal out of windows :-). On the whole an enjoyable coaster ride but you do have to do some work - this is not just eye candy.If I had to crit: The final scene (not the climax) may be a little weak - in the context of viewing it at the Raindance Film Festival with the cast & crew doing a Q & A afterwards it was awesome. However I suspect for anyone not watching the film with the live accompaniment may not be swept away by the final scene.Standout performances by Virginia Madsen, Jason Alan Smith, Doug Tompos, Davis Mikaels & Kathy Searle. Harry Dean Stanton is hilarious. I??m looking forward to Michael Mongillo??s next production which will no doubt go from strength to strength..

Donna E (ag) wrote: I got to be a cult member on this! More fun to work on than to watch.

Kayla S (kr) wrote: I loved this movie, if you like dancing then you gotta see this

Michal G (mx) wrote: Ca se regarde mais c'est prvisible.

Demonic N (fr) wrote: This looks really crap.

Kiyomi F (us) wrote: John Lone who used to learn professional Chinese Opera showed lots of his talents in this movie. And Jeremy Irons is always good in playing a man falling in decadence. One of the best David Cronenberg movies.

Stephen M (fr) wrote: I really love California Suite; I have from the first time I saw it, years and years ago. The interesting thing is that, years and years ago, I thought it was hilarious. Neil Simon is known to be one of the great writers of comedy, after all, right? I remembered it being hilarious; I've read Flickster reviews where people called it hilarious. I sat down to watch it again and found it wasn't hilarious. It's good writing. There are good relationships, fully drawn charactrs, great one liners, good situations. It is not, though, very funny. I didn't laugh very much. I still love it -- but I wouldn't tell someone to watch it if they were looking to laugh. There are no laugh out loud moments in the Jane Fonda/Alan Alda vignette, no matter how much I like to listen to the banter. There is wonderful humour in the Waler Matthau/Elaine May story but it's almost all chuckle humour (a good thing because laughing out loud, you might miss an amusing line). I found the Cosby/Prior segment boring and tedious. I LOVE the Maggie Smith/Michael Caine scenes but they are both so dry (hello! Enlish people!) that, more than funny, they are witty and that doesn't make for belly laughs. It's a movie worth watching and certainly one you may enjoy; but if you want laughing out loud -- go for Murder By Death.

William W (au) wrote: The fine samurai series continues strongly with this solid sixth entry, as Zatoichi and Boss Chuji, a cherished friend, are accused of stealing 1,000 ryo--3 years of back-taxes for 18 counties--and desperately, our hero must clear their names and reputations by finding and apprehending the real culprit. Strongly recommended for fans of the genre, and I can't wait for part 7 this evening! =)

Jonathan S (ca) wrote: It's weird, possibly racist, and terrifically uneven but I kind of like it's kooky imperfection.

Rangan R (ru) wrote: It's about the virtual terrorism and fighting back it in the same way.This is the story of the United States and China, that also involves some of the southeast Asian nations when the story takes us there. So this tale is about an explosion at a Chinese nuclear plant and followed by the investigation conducted by the US and Chinese collaboration, the cops hire a convicted hacker to fast up the process and to nab the culprit who was behind the power plant disaster. These people begin their hunting by tracking the clues to the different locations and where they finally land and how it all come end told in the rest of the film.I felt it was a too much realistic presentation. Like a documentary film quality, but full suspense filled story that stretched to over two hours. So sometimes it was very boring, because slowing down in any big development. At a time, some of the important scenes accomplished so fast like most of the action sequences. It mainly revolved around hacking plot, but was not that intelligent, so can be understood by everyone.Initially I disliked those circuit board graphics, which I thought was a good detail, but too much for a film like this and it never looked so convincing. The film was average, but I anticipated lot better than that. I liked the actors though. Whether it was Chris Hemsworth or the Chinese counterparts, all were decent according to what the tale required. The film is not for everybody, particularly if you don't like slow narration, you should not consider it to watch. But the film is not bad for once viewing.6/10

Filius S (br) wrote: Refn is a bit of an oddball director, but one thing that his later filmography accomplishes is visual splendor. Valhalla Rising is perhaps one of the most pronounced examples of this, eschewing traditional narrative in exchange for cinematographic exposition. That's the thing about Valhalla Rising, it's not a typical film by any regard, it's closer to an exercise in experimental art, where the medium just happens to be cinema, while most films would struggle with that aspect, Rising really manages to hold its own, and excel in the endeavor. The movie begins with a group of vikings wandering around the mountains with their prisoner, a brutally strong warrior with one eye, who is rumored to be from Hell. As they wander from camp to camp, the one eyed warrior is forced to fight in various competitions, each time winning without much effort. During his downtime, he experiences strange hallucinatory visions, and is held in a cage where he's fed by a young blonde haired boy. I won't explain how, but eventually the boy and the one-eyed warrior encounter a tribe of Christian vikings who are traveling on a crusade to The Holy Land. The leader of these vikings states that he could use a good warrior, and offers the one-eyed viking a chance to absolve himself of his sins. Thus begins a voyage that will test each man in the group, and will set the cogs of fate in motion as they journey into a strange land that is not what they initially expected. As mentioned before, the film only features a loosely told narrative, leaving the viewer to experience and discover the story on their own. Helping out along the way are the actors, who are absolutely fantastic, with Mikkelsen as the lead offering a brilliant performance without uttering a single word. The other thing that helps the movie out is the previously mentioned cinematography, which works extremely well with the editing. Every frame is a treat, providing a well composed sequence of images that quickly eliminate the need for tedious dialogue and exposition. TL;DR - 8/10 Although, at times, a bit disjointed; while at other times possibly too meditative, the film managed to keep me engaged, longing to see what would unfold. The mixture of history, mythology, believable characters, and compelling cinematography combined to make a stunning film where each frame is a work of art, and each scene is a story unto itself. Not for the easily restless, the film is a slow, meandering tale of people inadvertently sealing their own fates and coming to terms with their destiny.