Het geheim van Mega Mindy

Het geheim van Mega Mindy

A consortium of criminals whose plans are threatened by meg Mindy assembles in Miss Volta's power plant. Combining their skills, they construct a device to trap he cumbersome hero in an ...

A consortium of criminals whose plans are threatened by meg Mindy assembles in Miss Volta's power plant. Combining their skills, they construct a device to trap he cumbersome hero in an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nikos R (mx) wrote: An intricate and intimate think piece, that not unlike it's protagonist, has it's moments of brilliance, but for better or worse feels rather mundane.

Rian P (jp) wrote: Decent short film from Pixar. Forgettable.

Nav D (kr) wrote: sometimes foolish, sometimes funny = all in all entertaining

Seth B (it) wrote: Let this be a warning to anyone considering seeing this movie....do NOT go see it if you are depressed, down on life or anything remotely close to sad as this movie will just make it worse. Very sad...and guarantee during the majority of the movie you will only here the sniffling of those around you as they cry. Consider yourself warned.

Nandita A (fr) wrote: Too Much Below Expectation...Kareena's Character Confusing...Script Typed and Again CONFUSING...Length Too Much...Kareena did Overacting in some Scenes..Songs are not Good...On the Whole I didn't Like it..!!

Jed D (nl) wrote: Thomas Ian Griffith, action films are always fun to watch.

Yossi P (de) wrote: quite funny indeed, great plays on gender and manhood/womanhood. The Italian women cracked me up.

Mithun G (de) wrote: Slow but super cool.

Ethan P (es) wrote: A somewhat interesting and heartfelt film, that was ultimately depressing and disappointing because these policemen insurmountable odds, trying to better the world and they seem unaffected, until the last 5 minutes of the movie, by the tragedies they have to deal with. The more criminals they put away, the more rise up to take their place and the final scene is actually a good representation of the fact that no matter what they do, they will never be able to win against these criminals.

Zachary M (us) wrote: Here we see a lot of familiar faces. Woodrow from True Detective is back and heroic and handsome as ever. The two dueling antagonists from Alpha Dog are back, and it's a little unnerving to see them on the same side. Mark Wahlberg is more rednecky than normal and fits his role quite nicely. This movie gives a nice insight into the American military. There is a training montage at the beginning that's well done. Then you just see some barracks life, and for the first time in my life I actually thought it might be fun to be a navy seal. Of course that goes out the window when the action starts. The action scenes were all well done but there were two in particular that were literally painful to watch. This movie didn't have an anti-islam vibe. I would recommend seeing it when it comes to the movie channels at least once.

Mloy X (au) wrote: Ricki (Meryl Streep): No, a heart isn't something that's like a steak, you know, that spoils. A heart is like a big mac; it just sits and sits and sits. It gets older, but it doesn't change.I don't know why people insists on casting Meryl Streep for roles that requires singing. Don't get me wrong, she is undisputedly one of the most talented actors of our generation...but all that talent of hers still doesn't make a great singer. Sorry Meryl honey, sad but true. You know who is a decent singer/actress of a certain age- Michelle Pfeiffer, Rita Wilson, Cher, Barbara Steisand, Vanessa Williams, Olivia Newton-John, Goldie Hawn...heck, they had Audra McDonald in the cast already-- she's been on Broadway, how perfect can you get?Any how, aside from that, I really had no interest in seeing Meryl sing in another film (Mama Mia! was enough), so I had no interest seeing this. But alas, it was once again free HBO-preview week, it was on the telly and I was too lazy to change the channel. Aside from Meryl's singing, the film wasn't all that bad. The story was interesting enough and the cast played each of their parts well. So overall, it was a big bowl of okay.