Hey Babu Riba

Hey Babu Riba

In 1985, four middle-aged Yugoslav emigres return to Belgrade for the funeral of Mariana, their beautiful compatriot. They called her Esther, for Esther Williams, she was the coxswain for their four-man rowing team, and they each loved her. They'd last seen her in 1953, when they rowed her across the Adriatic, pregnant, to join her exiled father in Italy. In flashbacks we learn the story of their youthful baptism into sex, smoking, rock and roll (Hey Ba-ba-re-bop), Hollywood and Swedish films, blue jeans on the black market, and their rivalry with Ristic, the Communist Party youth leader for whom they had instant antipathy.

In 1985, four middle-aged Yugoslav emigres return to Belgrade for the funeral of Mariana, their beautiful compatriot. They called her Esther, for Esther Williams, she was the coxswain for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamie F (de) wrote: This was my introduction to underground filmmakers the Kuchar Bros.Very fascinating people, to say the least!!

Freddie S (es) wrote: Just another chav-based piece of crap....

it i (ag) wrote: Quirky, original, and a lot of dark borderline stupid humor. A true joy to watch. Even if some of it sounds and looks absurd you can't help but be dragged into their world of madness.

Indra W (us) wrote: This is a depressing one. Slow and boring. Dark comedy, some scenes are quite amusing.

Brandon W (ca) wrote: I've never seen Tom Hanks as a bank robbing killer before but I liked him as one. He's probably my favourite actor next to Tom Cruise and he does fantastic work here. This is a well-made movie. The acting all around is high-calibur, the cinematography is extremely well done with the smooth pans and lighting and the story is very tight and intriguing. I don't wanna say too much about this film because it's best to go into without knowing much. All I can say is that Sam Mendes made a great film with a great cast and crew.

Al M (br) wrote: Essentially, Vigilante is a Death Wish ripoff--Robert Forster's family is attacked and he decides to join some friends of his in their vigilante exploits. What saves Vigilante from being totally derivative is William Lustig, who brings his stylish direction and brutal sensibilities to bear upon this rather cliched plot. While Vigilante is not where near as nasty or groundbreaking as Lustig's Maniac, the film still packs a visceral punch and depicts a stylish, late 70s/early 80s dystopian cityscape that fits well with more futuristic films such as Escape from New York, The Warriors, Serpico, etc. Of course, Vigilante features the familiar plot of criminals who get away with their crimes because of our overly bureaucratic and flaccid judicial system, but it also provides a profound comment on the dystopian nature of urban life. However, more than anything else, Vigilante is a bad-ass revenge flick that will have you cheering for the deaths of the bad guys and reveling as they get their just rewards.

CaperBase D (br) wrote: Really enjoyed this movie. Awesome visual and great score.

Russell G (nl) wrote: You know, Jack Arnold just "gets" the whole "Giant Menace" genre. I wasn't expecting much. How good could a movie about giant crystals be? Ends up it's pretty damned good, and you actually get a good sense of threat and menace from a non-sentient thing from space doing what it's genetically supposed to be doing without any moral influence. This goes so opposite to what he explored spiritually in "THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN", being a more Darwin approach. Or I'm reading to much into it.....

BeReal M (it) wrote: Good movie for a good laugh. Jason Lee (Banky Ewards) is funny when he and Alyssa Jones (Joey Adams) discuss how women need to provide directions to their partner during oral sex in order for it to be effective. Banky is so "zero" telling Alyssa that he always notices the blank look on girls' faces when he is hammering them. He is also a gas when he and Ben Affleck (Holden McNeil) talk about his collection of 30 porno magazines he packed for a trip. It's his material for beating-off; he likes variety. It's crude humor but funny.The movie runs through the gamut of emotions when one finds out that a new girlfriend (boyfriend) straight-up tells a lie about her (his) sexual history. And, the emotional pain and anger when one finds out through a friend's inquiry that that history including experiences (as in more than once) with multiple partners at the same time. It's the lying that cost Alyssa the only man she loved even though her history is almost 10 years old. She tells Holden that he is the only man she ever had sex with, having him believe that he "saved her" from being a lesbian since high school. Banky finds out through a mutual friend that Alyssa's nickname in high school was "finger cuffs" and has possession of the yearbook for proof. Holden loses the love of his life because he cannot accept Alyssa's grandiose, experimental sexual experiences. He feels too small and insecure. (Of course, if he were the instigator of same, his opinions would be quite different!) In spite of the sane advice from two people, Holden acts out in anger and proposes to Alyssa that she has sex with him and Banky. He tried to even the score only to have it back fire. His skull (ego) is so thick that he is totally blind to the fact that Alyssa's past is her past, and is not something in her current range of preferences. Before leaving Holden's apartment, she slaps his face and tells him "I'm not your whore!" Not an unusual reaction, but surely one that made reconciliation more difficult. The end of the movie does not ensure reconciliation on any grounds. Banky and Holden are no longer buddies. Banky produces the final edition of their comic and sells it at a show a year later. That seems like a huge loss for the team to break up over a girl. Holden overreacted when he told Banky in front of Alyssa that Banky had homosexual feelings toward him. It did not occur to Holden that platonic love is possible. Oh boy, what a mess in the love-romance department! There were casualties in this movie, for sure!It's nice to have a movie that deals with difficult life issues in the realms of sex, sexuality, relationships, friendship, love, etc. It lends some objectivity to this type of human conflict. It may or may not help answer questions such as: How and when does one reveal such a history? Is it necessary to reveal anything that is about 10 years old, and is truly only historical? Nevertheless, it's a great mix of comedy and tragedy that's entertaining, without any explicit sex scenes or nudity.