Hey Ram

Hey Ram

Saketh Ram's wife is raped and killed during direct action day riots in Calcutta. He is convinced that Mahatma Gandhi is responsible for all the problems happening in the country. He sets out to kill him.

Saketh Ram's wife is raped and killed during direct action day riots in Calcutta. He is convinced that Mahatma Gandhi is responsible for all the problems happening in the country. He sets out to kill him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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TheScarlatescu R (ca) wrote: slow start...but the impressions are great!!!

Jamie C (au) wrote: I thought even with the short run time it drags and never really gets going, Voice cast was strong but none really make the characters their own, Action was done ok but the ending and overall story was very dull, Even my kids were bored, Maybe Hardcore fans will appreciate it more.

Pam R (ca) wrote: So moving to see a father fight to give his son a better life. It helps you to appreciate life and the blessings you have in this country.

Arun K (it) wrote: One of the epic trilogies ever made.. The movie doesn't match its predecessor - although comparing with a classic like "The Dark Knight" is quite unfair. Nolan gives a fitting end to the trilogy and the caped crusader. Bale, Hathaway & Hardy give excellent performances and decent performances from the rest of the cast.

E M C (de) wrote: Muy entretenida, violenta pero con contenido

Reyita S (kr) wrote: i really want to see this

Terrence W (mx) wrote: Oh dear god, this just screams "avoid me like the plague"

Jeff W (fr) wrote: This film seems to be based off the rejected first script of "Shocker", which also ironically is trash. The people who thought this film was a good idea are probably the same people that thought the internet would never catch on.

Mereie d (gb) wrote: John P. Ryan playing the good guy, surely that can't be right. And it isn't right, for in the fourth part of the Death Wish series, he eventually turns out to be his good old evil self again. This is a major spoiler, of course, but hey, the Death Wish concept is predictable anyway, not to mention the quality of the movies. Having said that, I realize I must admit this part 4 is surprisingly better than parts 2 (bad) and 3 (awful). Much of the cheap grotesqueness of the earlier movies is present in this one too, but some other elements make up for the usual weak stuff. Like many other action movies from the eighties, Death Wish 4 lacks depth and refinement. The editing is often too snappy to make room for anything like well-developed dramatization (the scene in the hospital with the dying girl is way too speedy and casual to make a real impression, for instance), the acting of some of the characters is downright poor (Kay Lenz as Kersey's girlfriend, who also lacks presence in the story), the special effects are over the top and therefore unbelievable (John P. Ryan's character is completely obliterated in the final scene!), the sound effects are too loud as opposed to the dialogue, etc, etc. Still, I did like the typecasting of the villains, many of the action scenes as such, and especially the two unexpected turns in the plot in the form of John P. Ryan and Soon-Tek Oh's characters with their hidden motivations. Time-specific cultural details like the roller disco (and the matching excruciating pop music) complete the viewing experience, which isn't too unpalatable after all.

Larry Y (gb) wrote: It does capture the main characters and their relationship perfectly (even though you have a non-Asian playing Chiun). However, weak villain and story hurt it.

Leia C (ru) wrote: I can't believe they even made this movie! There's little story to work with, the actors are just goofing around, and Roddy McDowall, the best actor in the movie, dies! The main character goes around blasting things with a laser, as the title suggests, so that should give you a clue as to how horrible this movie is. The funniest thing about this movie is when he blasts the star wars sign with his laser, as if their movie is better! Yeah right!

Kelsea K (fr) wrote: best old fashioned movie that ive seen which is saying something

Anthony C (ca) wrote: Dull, pretentious, and meandering, Killing Them Softly never hits the mark.

Peter F (it) wrote: It may not be one of Sam Fuller's most original films, but it's a very good film noir, and one of the first to tackle the issue of the cold war.

Loreen B (ag) wrote: I love all Riddick movies

Chantal L (es) wrote: This is another one I was obsessed with as a child, although I only remember the installment with the rat and the arcade game. lol. Great anthology series !

Russell G (br) wrote: Perhaps this is the weakest of the Sean Connery Bond movies, but it is still tons of fun and there are plenty of redeeming qualities here. Savor the style of the movie, because after that the series loses its iconic Mid-Century sheik. It gets off to a strong start and takes us to Japan. The Japanese setting is exotic and makes for escapist fun, but it also comes with a few dated karate movie clichs that do not fit. The worst part of the movie is a time-consuming and poorly substantiated plot tangent in which James Bond must become a ninja. Why does James have to have fake a marriage to a Japanese woman? Why must he become a Ninja in order to get military backup? Some of the middle parts make no sense at all. Thankfully, it recovers and finishes strong with a climactic battle inside a wonderfully staged volcano lair. The main villain played by Donald Pleasance and his foxy henchwoman Karin Dor are both excellent. It lacks focus and if you can look beyond the ninjas and the martial arts then this is still a great time.