The frozen body of Paul Fournier is discovered in Greenland where he had disappeared during a scientific expedition in 1905. Perfectly conserved he is brought back to life in the 1960s. His descendants take care of him: to spare him the cultural shock they behave so to make believe it's 1905 and they are his cousins, uncle...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:1969
  • Language:French,English,Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,   france,   1900s,  

The frozen body of Paul Fournier is discovered in Greenland where he had disappeared during a scientific expedition in 1905. Perfectly conserved he is brought back to life in the 1960s. His... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew D (au) wrote: One of the worst films I've ever tried to sit through. It looks like it was shot in someone's basement. The editing, sound, cinematography, and directing is so astonishingly unwatchable that whoever sat through 4 hours of this deserves praise. It's not the content that is so offensively awful, because it's so fake and overdone to the point where you can't see a thing, it's the complete lack of filmmaking quality. Terrible beyond description.

Mike W (br) wrote: This one was alright!

tawanna m (de) wrote: i have always been a fan of Don Cheadle and he delivers big time.i can't wait til he comes out in another movie.

Philippe C (ca) wrote: Pleinnde clich (C)s... Relativement divertissant.Il faut toutefois faire abstraction de toute la mauvaise science....

Josh J (it) wrote: A completely harmless piece of fluff. This will most definitely not change lives, nor does it want to. It's sole purpose is to illustrate the absurdity that comes along with being in an Italian family, all the while making you laugh. For the most part, it achieves this goal. Angelo and Nino are never really believable as a couple, which is its one major problem. For there to be any resonance in their in their plight there needs to be at least a hint of chemistry and there simply is not. Fully enjoyable and accomplishes what it set out for with loads of Italian charisma.

Francis M (jp) wrote: Recycled old jokes under the name of a movie.

Christopher H (br) wrote: I honestly didn't hate this movie as much as I thought I would. If they characters were to have a little more fine tuning, and not be so one-dimensional, this could have actually been quite a good movie.

Deke P (ca) wrote: Liked it a lot. Great scenes with John Goodman as the big guy bug guy. saw in theater.

Clay B (kr) wrote: IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS (1962)

Steve W (br) wrote: Hapless criminal Bowie escapes a work camp with some harsher criminals. He helps them rob banks so they can keep their funds afloat, but finds himself falling for a work partner's niece. They try and escape their little situation, but things keep winding down the road of despair. Granger wasn't very good this time around, but its Cathy O'Donnell as the innocent doting wife that steals the show. The movie gets slow near the end without much of a climax, but this bleak noir is watchable.

Mark S (us) wrote: The interesting concept, fast pace action and Bale's great performance makes this movie well worth a watch.

George E (ru) wrote: The greatest sports movie of all time.

Facebook U (us) wrote: I'm a sucker for love stories. This little film is like a good reenactment of the two years adventure Errol with underaged Bev. It is very TV movie. Frankly, this movie was due to be made if only to repay Bev and her mom some respect. The epoch recreation was fine although probably limited by the budget. I think the film rendered the story well enough and since it was based mostly on the mom book, it went as far as it could. Bev spent the rest of her life far from hollywood and the limelight. Possibly hating it.

Alden S (de) wrote: 0 out of 10:Racist, unfunny, and stupidity makes this parody of The Purge, which I say is one of the worst movies I've ever seen, worse than the actual dang movie. Also, spoiler warning, not that it matters, the to be continued at the end is never going to happen thanks to this crap fest of a movie.