Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda

Hunting a sadistic serial killer can unhinge even a true detective.

Set in Miami| Florida| veteran Detective Matthews (Hans Hernke) gained his reputation by solving cases from his office| but when an aggressive sadistic serial killer
threatens his city| he is forced to leave the confines of his precinct to hunt for him and a helpless kidnapped victim. As time is running out| his personal life and
career begins to unravel and crumble around him in this crime/thriller story that tests the very limits of the human psyche! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hidden Agenda torrent reviews

Stuart H (jp) wrote: A great drama made possible by its illustrious cast. Some strong points for me include the film's skill with portraying moral ambiguity, as well as the often unpredictable consequences of actions.

bill s (kr) wrote: Eye candy and nothing more.Please do not insult Logan's Run by comparing it to this crap.

Bloodmarsh K (mx) wrote: Quite possibly the most overrated serial killer of all-time, and yet they still manage to screw it up.

Charlie N (gb) wrote: It could have been so much more with better editing, intimate and sweeping cinematography, an expanded and more detailed story exposition and well rounded and layered character development. An even more intricate and emotional score (wouldn't have to be a long score and definitely not a bombastic one mind you, since a more subtle one could be more powerful on emotions), would have helped as well. Having said that, I still appreciated this movie's themes and some parts of the movie itself, namely the climax and Louie Leonardo's acting and especially his acting potential. Although the climax is not perfect (actually rushed in execution), it is still a quite a powerful one. My Rating: 2.75/5= An average movie with good elements.

Naomi W (us) wrote: Beautiful cinematography with an interesting story. Though it is not completely factual, I do not condone the author of the book or the movie director for taking certain creative liberties. Many people make the mistake that because it is one of the few movies out there about geishas, they think everything should be nonfiction about it. And despite the movie taking a few liberties about the actual culture, there is much they got right. Those wanting to see it for educational purposes also have to keep in mind that because the actual world of professional geishas are so closed off, there is not much information out there about it. All in all, I thought it was a beautiful, entertaining movie that shares a bit on a culture that is mostly closed off to the world.

Chris S (br) wrote: Probably the most underrated of all of Ridley Scott's movies, a pretty facinating film of Christopher Columbus. Stellar cinematography and a moving soundtrack.

Katie L (fr) wrote: This movie was too depressing to be considered a kids movie, which is probably why I do not really care for movies of this type.

Steve G (it) wrote: Michael Gross steals the show, as always.

Spookie M (us) wrote: An enjoyable homage to 50's sci-fi with an 80's new wave sensability and some really great alien effects.

Thomas H (ca) wrote: Narratively it's a mess but the film's imagination is stellar.

Poul F (br) wrote: Its hoaky and a bit dated like most films of the time but it still holds up as one of the more shocking in its genre, the bath tub scene is classic.

Andrew M (ag) wrote: National Lampoon's Vacation is a good movie. Chevy Chase is hilarious in this movie. I found this movie pretty funny and good overall. I would suggest this movie.