Hidden in America

Hidden in America

Story of a man Bill Januson whose pride in being the head of his family won't let him accept help from his sick daughters doctor. He has to prove to his kids that even with the death of his wife and the loss of his job that they can and will survive. After hitting brick wall after brick wall comes a glimmer of hope.

Story of a man Bill Januson whose pride in being the head of his family won't let him accept help from his sick daughters doctor. He has to prove to his kids that even with the death of his... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gandy S (gb) wrote: Made an account because this movie was so bad.Breaks the 4th wall in a bad way. Whatever room you watch this movie in IS THE DISAPPOINTMENTS ROOM.

Art S (ru) wrote: Cronenberg = Disturbing. I didn't like his previous film (Cosmopolis) which I found incoherent and boring. This one also seemed to start out with the explicit goal to confuse viewers (which isn't always a bad thing), but once I got used to the fictitious characters referencing fictitious Hollywood stars and movies (alongside some real references and a cameo by Carrie Fisher), then I had a handle on it. Julianne Moore is not playing herself (perhaps far from it) but shines as an aging star with lots of problems and an outsized ego who hires Mia Wasikowska as her personal assistant. The latter (a burn victim) also has a lot of problems, possibly originating with her parents, but she is apparently out to Hollywood to escape them. Apparently. A separate thread sees Julianne's therapist John Cusack and his wife managing their 13 year old child star who has already been in rehab for drugs - he's got a foul mouth and clearly too many adult experiences already. Seeing these children talk about sex and drugs and money is unsettling. The screenplay is credited to novelist Bruce Wagner and it seems to actually have some themes - in the special features, Cronenberg argues that Hollywood is like a black hole to which characters are inevitably drawn to their doom (my paraphrasing). This may be true but there is an entirely deeper level of screwed up going on here too.

JY S (jp) wrote: Stephen Fung pulls double duty in House of Fury.For what transpires in 95 minutes, there isn't much meat attached to the story. It is straightforward, easy to follow, but it's also good clean fun at the same time. Definitely not a laugh-er in any way; however, the humor and even a few of the characters are quirky enough to answer the comedic portion of this film.The other piece of this picture is the action. Scattered throughout are highly stylized martial arts sequences that are no doubt the most memorable segments of the film. Yuen Woo-ping's choreography can make anyone look like a professional on screen.The atmosphere of the film and character personalities shroud what could be less than stellar acting. Anthony Wong, Stephen Fung, and Gillian Chung take up a bulk of the minutes, while Charlene Choi, Daniel Wu, and Michael Wong fill in the gaps.All in all, House of Fury becomes a better than average watch thanks to the action.

Sheila C (gb) wrote: Homosexual, heterosexual, that's all finished... I'm just into YOU.

Anthony T (us) wrote: Well considering I am not, nor was ever an 8 year old girl, which is clearly the target audience for this film, rating this film will be tough. It had some good an interesting ideas, was fun at moments... I guess its fine for a kids film.

PieterJan V (de) wrote: A trainwreck of a film!

Jerry T (au) wrote: A non-biased, well-constructed documentary that serves as a much-needed reminder of the tragedy at the Munich 1972 Summer Olympic.

Tatsuhito K (ca) wrote: A sweet and funny comedy propelled by Jon Favreau's terrific script. It gets a little tiresome and makes you roll your eyes at times, but Swingers keeps it cool from start to finish. Hard to believe that it was directed by Doug Liman.

Timothy S (us) wrote: When singers try their hand at acting, the end result is usually less than stellar, but George Strait's film debut is saddled with more problems than just his blandly likable lead performance. "Pure Country" also has a story riddled with cliches, one that is so familiar and predictable that it didn't need to be told one more time. Strait is essentially playing himself, and he's pretty successful at that, but his down-home charm and admittedly good looks can't cover up the fact that he has very little chemistry as an actor. The camera and director Christopher Cain obviously love him. You can tell that from the glorified way that he's filmed, especially in the concert scenes, but he isn't much of an actor. The movie also falters in the other key area in which it should have shined and that's the music. I've never really been a fan of country music, but I like it when it's good. Here the songs are surprisingly weak for a film that showcases the entertainer as prominently as this one does. It doesn't represent his best work, but I'm sure his fans would disagree. They will also probably eat up the homespun humor and the benign, dull relationship that develops between the star and Isabel Glasser. Like the rest of the film, it's all very nice and non-threatening, but there's not much to keep you watching. If you're a fan of the leading man and this particular genre of music, then you'll find a lot to love in "Pure Country". I found it to be vacant and grossly under nourished.

Amy M (es) wrote: Just rewatched this one and it's still quite charming.