Hide in Plain Sight

Hide in Plain Sight

True story of a divorced father in search of his children when his ex-wife enters the witness relocation program.

This was based on a true story. About a man (Caan) who discovers that his ex-wife has disappeared along with their children. It seems that her new boyfriend works for some criminals. After ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hide in Plain Sight torrent reviews

Jason T (fr) wrote: A missed opportunity. I laughed a few times but the bad script keeps this from being truly funny. The rom con aspect of the movie is predictable.

Anna B (ca) wrote: I think this grounded milieu suits Gray more than the organised crime stuff, if only for the fact that it doesn't allow him to turn it into an action movie in the third act. Though there is a surprising amount of tension in this, mostly down to the beautiful camera and exquisitely creepy sound design. My only complaint is that we're supposed to believe Vinessa Shaw is the frumpy girl starved for male attention compared to Paltrow's hot trainwreck. They both give great performances, but come on. That's pushing Hollywood Ugly beyond the limits of believability.

Katie S (au) wrote: Aly and AJ did a very good job actually. But I wouldn't say they should do more movies.

Barry T (ru) wrote: tooooooooooooooooo slow only sparkled with moore

An artist who loves movies (nl) wrote: A work of art, truly tense as I sat on my seat

Todd P (mx) wrote: lol proof that us Gen-Xers are just as insufferable as Boomers.

Kim S (mx) wrote: A quaint little love story. I enjoyed watching it and I was happy when they all got their wishes. :)

Trouble B (mx) wrote: Littered with surreal events and hilarious dialogue, bizarre camerawork and drug-addled cutaways, I was engrossed from start to finish.

Tom H (es) wrote: Another amusing adaptation of an Agatha Christie novel. Once again Peter Ustinov plays Hercule Poirot.