High Heels

High Heels

High Heels is a murder mystery comedy centering on flamboyant actress Becky del Paramo and her daughter Rebecca, a television anchorwoman. After being estranged for 15 years, Becky re-enters Rebecca's life when she comes to perform a concert. Rebecca, she finds, is now married to one of Becky's ex-lovers, Manuel. The mother and daughter begin making up for lost time, when suddenly, a murder occurs...

A girl's mother returns after 15 years to find her daughter has married one of her (the mother's) old boyfriends. They try to mend their broken mother/daughter relationship and deal with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


High Heels torrent reviews

Nikia H (de) wrote: I think T.D.jake did a good job

Taylor D (au) wrote: not bad, violent and entertaining

Justin E (kr) wrote: Hilariously bad cheese-fest from Juan Piquer Simon(the wacky director of the equally off the wall "Pieces"). Radioactively mutated slugs rise up to kick the shit out of a small town in Nowhere, USA. Terrible acting coupled with abysmal dubbing. Low on nudity, but high on gore. Half-eaten corpses, exploding heads and eyeballs, hatchet dismemberment and much more. Not for the prudish but horror geeks will eat it up. Just be careful not to slip on the slime trails...

Michael O (fr) wrote: has it's moments but it's too slow for it's own good.

Luke B (us) wrote: You could say that until he won the Academy Award this week, Jeff Bridges was one of the most under-rated actors we have. I have to agree with the 'facebook movies' review, where they also say that this is one of his most overlooked performances. The man is a master of his craft, and this movie is one of the best ways to tell that. Bridges is truly awesome in this role. Besides him, it's an overall excellent film, though, and touching.

Nate T (au) wrote: The 3rd of 7 Road films has some song gems and more classic gags. Hope in later life would joke that he wanted to outlive the camel that spit in his eye in this film.

bill s (gb) wrote: This is Van Damme's first and best movie.....B fight movie gold.

Gabriel C (us) wrote: An unnecessary sequel that is weighted down by weak action sequences and even weaker attempts at humor.

Joshua L (ag) wrote: The visual effects and views of Mars are so fantastic, it instantly makes this a must see for fans of the Sci-Fi genre.