High Plains Invaders

High Plains Invaders

It's the Old Western times and an outlaw named Sam Phoenix (James Marsters, Angel) is about get hanged. But just before the noose tightens, the town is besieged by a lethal alien invader with a laser-shooting stingray and a crazy Sarlacc mouth. The townsfolk scramble but get promptly smoked, save for a handful of survivors led by Phoenix.

A wild west town hosts the strangest showdown of all: against an invading army of extraterrestrials. Outlaws and townspeople must join forces to survive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marta R (kr) wrote: Scary to watch... but should be a MUST SEE!!

Awi S (br) wrote: a pretty fun ride in the likes of Johnny To's Breaking News...

Deepti T (ru) wrote: Awful movie. Insulting to Indians and Canadians alike. The lead couple came across as gullible trusting idiots and every Indian a thief, swindler and morally challenged. the originally honest nanny turns a devious leaf in less than 10 minutes. Would not recommend. Whatever style the movie had was very reflective of the sensationalized Deepa Mehta movies.

Anand K (es) wrote: If you got straight F's in school you'll probably find the Madea movies hilarious.

Kayley H (gb) wrote: This was actually filmed at my high school, so it's really interesting for me to watch. However, I feel that a lot of it was scripted. I also thought that the animations were just really weird and unnecessary.

John M (ag) wrote: Appalling, grotesque, overacted and underwritten. Decadent in subject matter and execution, paranoid and deserving of persecution, inessential to all but Stones fanatics and breast fetishists.

Carol H (br) wrote: I think it would've been better if Zooey Deschanel was the main character.

Andy V (jp) wrote: Hilarious at times. But also slow at times.

Nikki D (gb) wrote: Great opening five minutes! The ending is very understated but shocking at the same time.

Frdric H (br) wrote: Getting worse sadly for the 8th one .....what can you expect ?

Vasco M (au) wrote: It knows what it is and it never strays - a fun, lighthearted trip with some JC Kung-Fu to spice things up.

Heather M (jp) wrote: The soundtrack is very dated, but the story is sweet. The lead characters are adorable together and you root for them throughout the entire movie.

Earl C (ru) wrote: Great stuff, and I bet it was a blast to recreate the old crank camera films.

Hayley (nl) wrote: this is a very bad film but how come this the second film when the first one was released 2000, this film isnt about vampires like i expected because it has nothing to do with the brotherhood because its named ive been watching you in england but it was still bad and i dont know why i wanted to watch this film so much now i know the truth

Ri A (br) wrote: One of the best movies by Paresh Rawal, he just did out standing work in this movie. Go for it if you want to cry.

Kristof F (ag) wrote: Interesting concept, but the movie fails to entertain.

Tutli P (nl) wrote: The film is mellow and romantic, well balanced and beautifully coloured.

Jeff B (it) wrote: An interesting story, but poor execution.

Van R (de) wrote: The John Sturges western "Last Train from Gun Hill" is another one of those chamber westerns from the 1950s where the villains corner the hero in an urban setting and both sides have to count down to their inevitable showdown based on a ticking clock. Aside from some early scenes shot outdoors, most of "Last Train from Gun Hill" occurs within the city limits of the frontier western town of Gun Hill. Furthermore, the story pits two long-time friends, a courageous lawman Kirk Douglas against a powerful cattle baron Anthony Quinn. When the story opens neither man has seen the other in years, but both have sons. Russian composer Dimitri Tiomkin provides "Last Train from Gun Hill" with another one of his brilliant, evocative orchestral scores that enlivens the drama.The stalwart hero, Matt Morgan (Kirk Douglas of "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral"), serves as marshal in the peaceful town of Pauley. One day Matt's wife, Catherine Morgan (Ziva Rodann of "King Creole"), and their young son, (Ricky William Kelman), are on the way back from the Indian Reservation where they have just visited her father when two drunken cowpokes, Rick Belden (Earl Holliman of "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral") and Lee Smithers (Brian G. Hutton, future director of "Where Eagles Dare"), frighten them. Catherine whips Rick so violently that it leaves a scar on his face. Enraged, Rick runs them down, and their carriage overturns. Rick knocks aside her boy and rapes her in the woods. During the rape, Matt's son steals Rick's horse and rides back to town to alert his father. Meanwhile, Matt is in town describing a famous gun battle that took place years ago between the infamous Bradley boys and him. At a properly dramatic moment, his son coming thundering into town on the stolen horse crying his eyes out. Matt rides back to where the carriage overturned and finds the partially nude body of his raped wife who lies dead in the woods. When Matt walks back to the horse with his wife in his arms, he notices the elaborate leather saddle and raises one of the flaps. Tiomkin's score singles out this moment with a melodramatic tone when Matt discovers the initials C.B. in the saddle. He recognizes those initials and heads back to town to prepare for his journey to Gun Hill to see his own friend about the stolen horse.At the Belden ranch, Rick and Lee return and complain to Craig Belden about the loss of Rick's horse. Craig (Anthony Quinn of "The Ride Back") could care less about the loss of the horse, but he demands that Rick find his saddle. Moreover, Craig refuses to settle for any substitute for that saddle. He makes a big deal out of it and this is the point where we see that father and son are not on the same wavelength. Later, we discover that they like to batter women. At one point, Craig's foreman Beero (Brad Dexter of "The Magnificent Seven") makes a joke about the scar on Rick's father. Craig interprets the comment as a slur on the Belden name and forces Rick to fight with Beero. Predictably, Beero knocks out Rick in no time. Craig roars about Rick not having enough pride. Win or lose, whenever anybody disgraces the name of Belden, Craig expects his son to fight back. Afterward, they share a chuckle about the 'she-bears' in Pauley, the peaceful town, where Rick lost the horse and saddle.Matt takes the train to Gun Hill and rents a buggy to see Craig Belden. He returns the saddle to Craig, and they reminisce about old times. Craig tells Matt that his son lost the horse in Pauley, but by now Craig knows that his son raped and killed Matt's wife. Furthermore, Craig knows that nothing in the world will prevent Matt from taking Rick back in irons to stand trial. Matt returns to Gun Hill where he receives a chilly reception and Craig sends Beero and another cowpoke, Skag (Bing Russell of "The Magnificent Seven") to town to watch over Rick. Matt snoops around, then enters the saloon from the rear by a tree and catches Rick hiding behind some curtains, slugs him and takes his prisoner. The Gun Hill sheriff, Bartlett (Walter Sande of "Bad Day at Black Rock") refuses to let Matt use his jail cell until the train arrives, so Matt holes up with Rick in the local hotel. Meantime, Craig rounds up all his gunhands and they lay siege to the hotel. Craig's old girlfriend (Carolyn Jones of "The Addams Family") has just returned to Gun Hill from a long stay in the hospital. Craig uses her as a go-between, but she goes behind his back and smuggles Matt a shotgun. Neither man plans to back down in this duel of the titans.When "Last Train to Gun Hill" appeared theatrically in 1959, interracial romances in westerns were nothing new, but this western contained a rape scene that occurred partly on camera, though by the time that Rick had ripped off Catherine's clothing, the camera has retreated to a long shot. "Last Train from Gun Hill" represented a new spate of westerns that dealt with frank subject matter because the western had encountered flak from its television counterparts and film producers were looking from material of a more adult nature. Charles Lang's cinematography is exemplary and Tiomkin's theme music knows where to highlight segments of the plot for maximum impact. John Sturges paces the momentum so that things never get boring. The speech about hanging is superb from a top-notch screenplay by James Poe. Hal Wallis produced this above-average oater for Paramount Pictures.

Justin A (nl) wrote: A very unfocused screenplay really hurt this movie big time. There was way too much going on, especially for a kids movie. With a children's movie, you really can't go wrong with one of two basic stories: 1) Good guy must beat the bad guy or 2) Underdog rises up to the challenges. Now, you might think that this movie falls into the underdog category, but it really doesn't. There is no real obstacle that Casper has to overcome, except maybe the obstacle of being dead. But the entire "we can bring you back to life" thing doesn't come into play until over an hour into the movie. Then there's the subplot about the owner of the house (yes the actual owner, as Bill Pullman and Christina Ricci may be living there, but they don't actually own the place) wanting to steal treasure in a vault. It is basically the same exact premise as The Addams Family movie. This is a fine plot to go with and we're introduced to the villains early, but shortly after they don't appear again until much later in the film. Then there's ANOTHER subplot of Bill Pullman connecting with the three uncle ghosts, yet another plot with Christina Ricci having to throw the most awesome party ever, and it all adds up to a mess of a movie. This movie could have been trimmed by 15 or 20 minutes. It's about 1 hour and 40 minutes, which isn't long, but kids tend to get impatient and their attention spans can go all over the place. You want to hit that 80ish minute mark with movies like this. Maybe they tried to do all the different plots so more would be happening to keep kids interested, but I can't see kids enjoying a lot past the first half hour. The first half hour is fun with crazy ghost hijinks and plenty of great cameos. It's the best parts of the movie. When Christina Ricci starts having to worry about parties and her dead mom, well, things start to become a drag. It's decent for the ghost fun, but that's limited mostly to the first half hour.