High School High

High School High

Richard Clark has just left the well-known Wellington Academy to teach at Marion Barry High School. Now, he will try to inspire the D-average students into making good grades and try to woo a fellow teacher.

The movie centers on Richard Clark, a teacher who is persuaded to give up his position at Wellington Academy, an upscale private school, to take over a class at Marion Barry High School in Inner City, U.S.A. Marion Barry High. Now, he will try to inspire the D-average students into making good grades and try to woo a fellow teacher. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shireen Hakim R (us) wrote: This made no sense.Matthew McConaughey looks anorexic.

Alice (ru) wrote: Tori: [after reading Peyton's letters] Wow. Can anyone say 'outed in Maui'?

Sagar K (us) wrote: amazing way of looking at devdas, connects with youth, has a sense of originality even though theme is borrowed from old devdas, brilliant actors, peeps in the real picture of society

RedCrushed T (ag) wrote: I saw this movie on TCM. It was pretty cool. I read that the director, Robert Martin Carroll was ostracized for the film. I read about it on films in review. com

Line F (br) wrote: This is about a group of women being screwed over by their boss one day, when they go to their daily sowing fabric to work and find the entire building emptied out. They take a vote on what to do about it and decide to track down the boss and kill him. Louise knows a hitman and says she can fix it, but ends up with another sort of amateur hitman instead cause the one she knew has decided to live a proper life. This of course leads to several comical situations, but it's comical in an odd way to me, maybe it's french humour? It also deals with sexes and expectations. I've seen it described as nihilistic, I don't know..but it was funny.

Guilherme v (us) wrote: Belssimo filme #fikdik (dica do Luska)

Stefania P (es) wrote: Me encanta la pelicula. No es por nada pero deberian leer el principio de la pelicula.

Paolo V (es) wrote: A promise was made, that's the beginning of moral awakening.

Jeffrey M (kr) wrote: Who, besides Sharon Stone, plays an emotionally disturbed woman better than Ashley Judd? No one, and this movie proves that. A strong 2/3 makes up for a muddled last act.

Daniel K (br) wrote: 2: I guess I'm kind of assuming that the title "Cyclo" is meant to be remind the viewer of "Psycho." I really had no idea what I was getting into here, as I assumed it would be a film about a cyclo driver, but it turned out to be about a cyclo driver turned gangster. Tony Leung was a surprise, both because he is in a Vietnamese picture and because he looks so incredibly young. Tourism definitely has no role here, essentially because the country had barely opened up to the outside world at this time. The picture was far more artistically adventurous than I was anticipating as well. It is a fully-fledged art house picture. I honestly found it a little hard to follow, in terms of plot, cause and effect, etc. I almost have no idea what happened or why it happened over the course of the film. The first act was stellar and made one more deeply consider what it would be like to live in a place like this on a shoestring. Their family and all the other families were just doing what could to survive, and it was a meager existence. However, by turning this poverty into a story of crime, the filmmakers almost seem to be saying this transition was inevitable. I would have preferred the picture to continue on all the same lines as the first act. This is yet another one of the DVDs I picked up on the streets of Hanoi.

Jillian W (ca) wrote: Strictly Business is one of those "feel good" movies, it's funny in a different kind of way lol. I absolutely love the fact it was made in the "New Jack Swing" Era with all the hot music and hot styles!!! Lastly, even though this was not Halle's very first movie, I believe it was the one that introduced her to us in the right way....her first scene with her walking in the restaurant is like the epitome of a fantasy...it's so awesome, when I saw that even as a child...I knew she was "IT".

Roger R (mx) wrote: Great director, great cast, great original literary work - hard to go wrong! The close relationship (off screen and on) between Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor is almost palpable - and watching two screen goddesses compete with each other as to who is the more mad is enthralling. The absolute evil of cousin Sebastian lurks ever present in every scene

James D (it) wrote: terrible film. Just something i'd have on tv in the background

Paul D (us) wrote: It has it's fair share of funny moments, but it just doesn't hold up very well after all these years. I liked it better when I was a kid and did not know about how cliche it really was. Still, Paul Hogan does well with carrying this flick.

Jamie A (de) wrote: "A fairly enjoyable Sandler flick in some aspects."

Curtis G (fr) wrote: great movie I love brittany she is my idol it is her birthday today march 9 2015 happy birthday Brittany

Peter C (us) wrote: This is a very rough low budget film. It does have a dull first section and some dodgy editing moments. On the other hand it gets good at about the 25 minute mark, is very nasty, has a good playful villain, competant vampire hunters who know they are in over their heads, and is also funny without it getting in the way of the horror and atmosphere. A good old-fashioned b-movie that eats kittens.