A newly-married couple tries to build their social life.

A newly married couple try to build their social life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessie W (mx) wrote: It's got nothing on the book, and the perverted bits are literally there just for the sake of being different from mainstream Chinese films... but quite the sweet movie nevertheless.

Dillon K (gb) wrote: While it may have an abrupt ending with one too many twists, Unknown is a suspenseful on edge thriller that keeps you confused and engaged.

Godfrey M (kr) wrote: I watched this movie in 2013 and i was reminded of how good the movie industry used to be. The script was by far the best ive listened to in years and thats to say a lot

Tina T (ru) wrote: Good classic film - the use of the locals in New Orleans added to the authenticity, and it could have Been bleak with the subject it was covering , instead it was well paced . I enjoyed it, even tho I'm not a fan of Richard Widmark.

Simon D (gb) wrote: Very long and very weird. If you can accept that some films (most films of David Lynch) don't make sense and are probably not meant to, and you can simply enjoy the weirdness without racking your brain for a reason, then you'll probably enjoy this. A shorter version would have been sufficient though.

Chris C (gb) wrote: first 10mins we pretty good but rest of movie was a bore, good paycheck for al pacino a great actor starring in bad films at the moment

luisa c (kr) wrote: With a nonsensical plot, ugly animation and an apparent inability to make the audience feel emotional or laugh, "Norm of The North" is one of the worst movies of the year.