Higher and Higher

Higher and Higher

A beautiful blonde hooks up with a rock star, and after a night of sex and drugs, he leaves. She, though, has fallen madly in love with him, and sets out with her girlfriend across Europe ...

A beautiful blonde hooks up with a rock star, and after a night of sex and drugs, he leaves. She, though, has fallen madly in love with him, and sets out with her girlfriend across Europe ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Higher and Higher torrent reviews

Mike W (mx) wrote: First half felt like a typical financial movie, second-half was really good and suspenseful. But the ending didn't really feel like it had closure.

Lisa W (de) wrote: If you'd have told me I'd spend a Friday night watching a poorly-made breakdancing/hip hop/whatever movie, never in my life would I have believed it. Until about 8-11 years ago. I'll never get these two hours of my life back.

neil L (fr) wrote: A pretty decent film about demonic possession. I liked the interesting part about the box made to contain the demon and I liked the parts about the insects. Not as good as the exorcist.

Carlos D (au) wrote: Ok,here's the deal: I love Bill fuckin' Murray,I love quirky movies,I like Sharon Stone....but i just have to admit,this was waaaay to flat.not satisfying at all...sorry.

James B (nl) wrote: Great film about the harsh reality of survival in the slums of Bombay. I enjoyed this more than Slumdog Millionaire simply because it was more beleivable.

Johnny T (ag) wrote: The movie advances in a tantalizing fashion, supplying information obliquely, suggesting as much as it tells, and everything leads up to a climax that is as horrifying as it is probably inevitable. Director George Sluizer unfolds his story with non-hysterical -- but nonetheless unnerving -- precision. Vanishing is refreshingly free of manipulative scenes involving running bath water, jagged-edge cutlery and bunnies in the saucepan. In an unusual tack, the movie reveals the likely perpetrator almost immediately. "Vanishing," almost scientific in approach, reserves its suspense, not for the who, but rather the what and why. In another unusual development, the movie takes significant time visiting with the stranger, revealing his eerily normal family life. Sluizer adapted the film, but he takes a more non-linear approach than the book, which heightens the story at strategic moments to build suspense. Sluizer's direction is seamless throughout, effortlessly juggling domesticity and damnation as it ploughs inexorably towards an appaling dnouement. Mr. Sluizer, whose direction has the spooky precision of nonfiction crime writing and whose matter-of-factness makes the characters seem quite real, builds a disturbing horror story from seemingly modest beginnings. A clinical, maddening descent into the mind of a serial killer and a slowly unraveling hero.VERDICT: "High-Quality Stuff" - [Positive Reaction] This is a rating to a movie I view as very entertaining and well made, and definitely worth paying the full price at a theatre to see or own on DVD. It is not perfect, but it is definitely excellent. (Films that are rated 3.5 or 4 stars)

Paula M (br) wrote: okay they tricked me when i Saw this on the new release list but its actually the original released on DVD. this movie is from the 80's ppl so dont judge too hard they didnt have the effects they have now. think she just finished E.T. around this time... i love Drew. if u like 80's movies u gotta watch

Marjorie T (ca) wrote: Two great actors in a murder mystery. Need I say more?

Wayne K (es) wrote: A defining movie from one of the most famous and revolutionary eras of our history, Easy Rider embodies the hedonism and free spiritedness of the hippie movement, as well as its paranoia and fear of authoritarianism, i.e., 'The Man'. It may have been a marvel at the time, but today it's age definitely shows. About half of the runtime consists of our 2 heroes riding their bikes through the America South West while a contemporary soundtrack plays. I can't imagine anybody watching it today who wasn't alive in the sixties and actually getting anything out of it. It moves slowly, the actors stoned out of their minds and uttering vague declarations of government control and the end of their way of life, or whatever it was. The editing is bizarre, and the show is stolen by Jack Nicholson's madcap performance, completely overshadowing the relatively sedate turns by Hopper and especially Fonda, who mostly looks like he couldn't care less about what is happening around him. That might be the point, the idea that he's tapped into some kind of higher consciousness, like many a stoner has claimed to have done, but it doesn't make for entertaining viewing. It's a product of time through and through, and while it may have captured the ethos of its day, it leaves a lot to be desired all these decades later.

Serge L (ca) wrote: Probably well acted but jeez the film is dark and creepy. It just sucked so much for me that even at double speed, I could not take it. Low sport, brutes. Not my type.

Ger v (au) wrote: Awful and boring movie ... probably one of the worst movies since Kill Point (1984) let's hope this is not Anthony Hopkins last one ...

Jonathan D (ru) wrote: Ugh! this one started off creepy and cool, but after about 40 minutes it got silly.