Higher Than a Kite

Higher Than a Kite

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:18 minutes
  • Release:1943
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:disguise,   hose,   house,  

After being accidentally dropped behind enemy lines, the Stooges disguise themselves and steal important plans from the Nazi high command. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eliabeth R (mx) wrote: Interesante pelcula basada en hechos reales en la cual la corrupcin poltica en la india deja libre a un asesino aun cuando se declara culpable, todo por ser hijo de un diputado del gobierno, sent tan representado mi pas en esta pelcula del otro lado del mundo que veo que pasa lo mismo en casi todos los pases subdesarrollados, recomendable aunque es bastante larga

Grant S (au) wrote: Great prison drama. Very original - the twists are totally unexpected - and very gritty. Certainly pulls no punches in portraying prison life.

Lindsay B (it) wrote: I thought this movie would never end! It only got cool towards the end.

Blake R (au) wrote: I liked it, its not the greatest movie of all time but good for a laugh! Gotta love aussie humour.

Leonard D (br) wrote: What's the first thing that comes to mind if you're a 28 year old man in kindergarten class, and drop an f bomb at the teacher? Do you take the guy to the principals office and have him sent home? NO, JUST SIT THERE LIKE AN IDIOT, AND SMILE AT HIM, WITH A GROUP OF 5 AND 6 YEAR OLDS IN THE CLASSROOM! That moment completely ruined this film for me, and while there were a few funny moments, it's just too forgettable!

Alex M (ru) wrote: Even from film one, David O. Russell signified himself as a man well crafted in the art of black comedies. Spanking the Monkey is about a hair lengths away from turning into a dark drama every second of the way, but Russell manages to keep the humor (albeit, dark dangerous humor) at an all time high and what we get is a terrific debut film that ranks up there with some of the Coen's early work. Led by a terrific cast, especially the talents of Jeremy Davies and Alberta Watson, and matched with a terrific script, O. Russell's Spanking the Monkey is not for all but should be seen by all nonetheless.

Barrie M (jp) wrote: ...and the award for the most bizarre film everAm thinking the Director was going for an atmospheric or creepy feel here but it really was all just a bit pointless

Kinohi N (ru) wrote: The hanging scene alone is worth the weight of 5 stars.

Arslan K (fr) wrote: Amazing. I can see very well why they got the nomination for best actor and supporting actor.

Michael J (es) wrote: Sweeping Cinematography second to none, absorbing story,...arguably the most beautiful musical score...James Horner is so talented...see it...worth it...and amatuer critics PLEASE STOP TELLING THE STORY IN YOUR REVIEWS FILLED WITH SPOILERS!!!..Christ,..just tell what your hits and misses are...NOT THE STORY!!!

Lee (de) wrote: Creepy, bloody and unsettling. A well made and effective little horror film with an intriguing story that was less predictable than I was expecting, but towards the end things weren't explained too well. It's definitely a film that deserves a bit more recognition, horror fans should check it out.

Shawn S (nl) wrote: Much like its predecessor, this film has loads of fun action, a great cast (Robert Downey Jr. is superb again), an excellent story, and lots of well-timed humor.

Jeremy D (it) wrote: This is a TV film... and it is much better than Psycho III. This wonderful prequel/sequel has Norman Bates' digging into his psyche and past as he slowly realizes his wife's baby could be just as evil as himself. Thank god not directed by Perkins, Perkins' last performance as Bates was wonderful. I honestly recommend this film to anyone who enjoyed "Psycho" and "Psycho II". Rating: 4/5

Atteli09 (au) wrote: 90% Critics liked it