Highway 61

Highway 61

A naive Canadian barber who knows US popular culture inside and out meets a flamboyant roadie who needs someone to drive her and her "brother's" corpse from Thunder Bay, Ontario to New Orleans. Chaos ensues after the barber agrees to drive her, the corpse, and the drugs stashed within all the way. Don McKellar and Valerie Buhagiar team up as a barber and a smuggler running a corpse on the roof of a '63 Ford Galaxy 500 on a one-car funeral procession stretching from Northern Ontario to New Orleans on the only continuous highway between Canada an the U.S. What unfolds is a white trash odyssey filled with strange roadside distractions played eagerly by the likes of Peter Breck, Jello Biafra and Art Bergmann. If you've seen the bookends of this trilogy, Hard Core Logo and Roadkill, then you know that in any Bruce McDonald film, the asphalt has a speaking part.

A naive Canadian barber who knows US popular culture inside and out meets a flamboyant roadie who needs someone to drive her and her "brother's" corpse to New Orleans. Chaos ensues after ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott F (jp) wrote: Good movie starts up fast and is action packed

Armando P (ag) wrote: Tarantino one again making an incredible movie that will keep you at the edge of the seat for a whole lot of time.

David T (ca) wrote: Really works as a horror film and Eddie Murphy does work well as a bloodsucker. But ironically the comedy doesn't.

John Z (mx) wrote: Better than National Treasure.

Chris Y (kr) wrote: Wow i thot this was just going to be some low budget shit Hercules movie like most of them are but it was really good with good acting not some crappy animation stuff and computer work, well ok some stuff was but not everything. anyone come across one thats as good as this let me know cause i love good movies and im really into all the mythical stuff.

Mad M (kr) wrote: A few chuckles, but mostly a mediocre family movie.

Trevor A (au) wrote: Pretty average western which is enhanced somewhat by the good acting skills of George Kennedy. Most of the film is spent getting the seven guns together. Some good action scenes, but they come right at the end during the last 15 mins.

Michael W (au) wrote: Newly appointed cemetary director finds plot owners die every time he sticks a black pin on a map of the grounds. Despite his guilt, he retests the premise repeatedly to grim results. 50s horror that has held up better than some of its peers.

James W (us) wrote: Decent concept, lackluster execution.

Chris M (de) wrote: thank you redbox for this movie that goes absolutely nowhere. I love Dorff and Dafoe, though Dafoe is very minor in this overall movie, and Monaghan as the lost soul sexpot was nice to look at but the movie just dragged on. The ending is what should have happened to the writer/director...I can't see how any of the three read the script and said YES this is the project I've been yearning for. Good to see I'm not alone. I like noir, but this was not anywhere near a full developed idea. Just a meandering waste of film.

Brandon W (br) wrote: One of the best films ever made! Full of magic and wonder and honestly, I think this film got better as I got older. When I was a kid I loved the songs, the scenes where the toy room comes to life and cleans itself, the animated horse race, laughing on the ceiling and the dance on top of the rooftops of London. Just pure fun! As an adult, and after watching 'Saving Mr. Banks' I can see how Mary Poppins helps the father become a better man and bind the family together. There is a good reason why this film is currently sitting at 100 percent on rotten tomatoes. It's, "practically perfect in every way!"