Hihintayin kita sa langit

Hihintayin kita sa langit


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Hihintayin kita sa langit torrent reviews

Justin O (jp) wrote: Liked the previous movies, felt this one wasn't anywhere near as good. A sequel for the sake of a sequel....storyline was garbage ??

Hans T (nl) wrote: Det er ikke s vanskelig lage god film. Mange gr i fella og prver alt for hardt. Det kan gjres s enkelt som det her. Kan umulig ha kostet rare greiene heller, men er vel verdt se! Hipp, hipp!

Janet S (ru) wrote: It was so horrible!! bad acting bad horror movie!

scott g (jp) wrote: takeshi kitano, who has had a very interesting career in the east here plays on what he does, mostly yakuza pictures, but then takes a wonderful turn as his charactor, here playing himself meets a unknown wannabee actor kitano, who also looks exactly like him. its here we forget about takeshi, and follow kitano, as the meeting seems to have triggered something in him, and his wonderful dreams begin, a world where he is takeshi, taking on the underworldd, or getting his anger out, a wonderful surreal film, with takeshi, here playing kitano, with sad eyes and showing a lonely life untill the fantasy world takes over, some great moments, action and violence, and japanes humour, a film playing on celebrity, and a great look, at wanting to escape

Gabriella F (ru) wrote: 1 star for the actors' skill, 1 star for the capturing plot, 1 star for the awe-striking setting, 1 star for the unforgettable lessons learned, and the last star for the 60s music.

Clement L (ru) wrote: You can say it's slow, it's boring, whatever, but I like it a lot, because finally, classic mis-en-scene is back, and there's a distinctive reason for it!

Jason M (nl) wrote: That's weird, I call him "Unfunny, redneck, that should stop doing comedy".

Vapaaneuvos R (ag) wrote: not even that bad. strawberry sauce effects were very laughable.

Michael R (ag) wrote: I don't think it was that realistic, but not too bad if you are bored and don't hate Christian Slater.

Bradley P (es) wrote: This movie is definitely in your face comedy. I remember watching it for the first time about 20 years ago and loved the sarcasm and dark humor.

Darwin K (es) wrote: If I could I'd give this no stars.

Russell H (au) wrote: A devastating ticking time bomb of a movie.

Brett B (mx) wrote: Lugosi gets to play some interesting angles as the Dracula-esque vampire, and while his interactions with his werewolf assistant are somewhat fun to watch, the story is pretty stale.

JohnPaul F (nl) wrote: The best movie by far!

max h (jp) wrote: There is no end to how much I like this movie. It strikes a perfect tone of comedy and heart, making a one-of-a-kind bromance that dares to be topped by a chick flick.

Marcos C (es) wrote: therea a reason why i like this film its because well stigmata is real it really happen but in the movie if you noticed it had nothing to do with the devil but all with god

Wes S (mx) wrote: It had some interesting parts but the characters were terrible and the story doesn't offer much. A lot of the film is slow and the ending wasn't too impressive. Basically a boring useless film.