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Hikbi torrent reviews

Zahid M (mx) wrote: Straight forward mindless Bollywood masala action movie !

Wayde N (us) wrote: Ratanaruang, Doyle and Asano team up again for another haunting visual adventure through life. Asano plays a cook who's sleeping with his wife's boss until he is asked to kill her, this sets him off on a journey of discovery where he is lost in the bowels of a cruise ship, chased through the streets of Thailand, and eventually returns home to face his mistakes. If these three guys want to keep making movies together forever I would happily give up watching anything else as payment.

Kayla H (ca) wrote: Seen this in theaters lolIt's actually a pretty good movie.. like honestly think about the work that went into it ..impressive

Juha S (jp) wrote: Although this was not a theater release, Omen 4 is a good sequel to the original trilogy. Creepy child.

Marquita C (es) wrote: it was definitely different. not what i expected but then the part with girl smoking a spliff in her genitalia was very.....bizarre

Johan A (ca) wrote: Festlig, men snabbt glmd musikal, men med James Cagney och Doris Day har man inte trkigt.

Joel A (ca) wrote: A film that is often cited in many must see film lists & to be honest other than James Cagney wonderful performance this film drags something fierce.Very American & due to its release in 1942 so the height of the war it's a little bit too much pro America. A very sketchy, watered down so called true story of American performer George M. Cohan.Filled with some great stage performance sequences but the story really takes the back seat to spectacle. I appreciated this film this film but I didn't enjoy as much as I'd hoped.

Patrick W (jp) wrote: While the second film was not nearly as good as the first, Samuel L. Jackson almost single handedly brought this film nearly back to the quality of the first film. Great script and interesting premise. It is funny to know that the FBI actually interviewed the screenwriter because his heist was so well thought out.

Chris P (gb) wrote: Pretty typical lesbian S/M entomologist drama.

David C (us) wrote: Good thriller directed by the Colombian director Simon Brand, better known for directing many musical videos for A-list artists. To have included important actors, this movie costed very little, and the colombian actress Amparo Grisales, very well known in Colombia, has just a bit part as a bartender. Hope Brand directs other productions in Hollywood soon.