Two teenagers and a group of people made homeless by a tsunami try and make their way in a devastated Japan

Two teenagers living a dystopian existence in post-tsunami Japan embark on a campaign of violence against evil wrong doers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James H (fr) wrote: Whenever Nicholas Winding Refn releases a new picture I am always exciting to see what he is going to do. Drive is a masterpiece, I like Bronson but I hated Only Go Forgives. This though, is a return. The Neon Demon is probably the most messed up film I've ever seen, I am not going to spoil it for you, you have to see it for yourself. It is terrifying because what happens in this film happens in real life, not always to the same gruesome extent but it's more than possible. When you watch a Refn film you know that it will look glorious and that the score will be electrifying. This is no exception, the Neon glow in this film helped to tell the story visually and the score is a brilliant undertone. Elle Fanning is superb and the other performances are great too. People are complaining about some characters being one dimensional but they are supposed to be, because they are models, all they have is their looks. Make sure your popcorn is eaten before the last act.

Armando B (ca) wrote: Buena comedia mexicana con una historia poco original pero bien realizada, adems de un estupendo reparto, excelentes locaciones y una adecuada dosis de humor. Completamente recomendable para rer un rato y reflexionar acerca de las diferencias sociales de nuestro pas...

Matt B (nl) wrote: As equally entertaining as the first movie, and in some ways scarier.

Aftab Z (it) wrote: I always thought Luke Wilson was under-rated and this movie proves that. The movie was well written and entertaining.

Kinohi N (kr) wrote: Why no one is Rome speaks Italian is beyond me. It's also bizarre that the killer looks like the Elephant Man when he's only supposed to have jaundice. What a sad end to Dario Argento's long and storied career.

Daniel L (us) wrote: Awesome documentary that reveals the backwards standards of our movie rating body. I can't look at movies and ratings the same after watching this.

Kristin R (gb) wrote: I actually found this quite enjoyable. I normally either love or hate period dramas, but this one was pretty good, although I did not love it. Wonderful performance from Pfeiffer and Friend, and a wonderful chemistry between the two. It is also a movie that highlights how different things were back then, the fact that courtesans could rise to such prominence. Great for light entertainment, but definitely not a romantic story with a happy ending.

Wendy M (mx) wrote: I don't care what anyone else says, I love this movie!!It's funny and action packed all in one!Skeet and Cuba are terrific together!!Go rent it!!

Jillian B (de) wrote: I watched it a lot as a kid, but I need to watch it again to give it a true rating.

Becca F (kr) wrote: Although not quite as funny as the other one, it is apparent that Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee, at one time, were the most adorable couple on the Hollywood screen.