An honest temple priest takes on more than he can handle when he bears witness to a murder and gives evidence in a court of law against a powerful landlord in his village. The landlord bribes his way to freedom and engineers a ploy to ruin the priests reputation and his status among his peers in the village. Ashamed of his tarnished reputation the priest commits suicide,and leaves his wife and young children to face the atrocities of the evil landlord. The son flees the village and travels to Mumbai to make a life, but returns years later to avenge the shame caused to his family.

When a temple priest commits suicide after being dishonored by an evil landlord, his son returns to his native village on a mission of vengeance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Himmatwala torrent reviews

John Y (ca) wrote: A pretty decent Justice League movie, especially since it was a Target exclusive.

Brady W (mx) wrote: Best movie I have ever seen!

Randy W (ag) wrote: There is no reason that anyone who saw this would give it a good rating. It is absolute pandering garbage, not to mention being poorly done and resulting in the death of some of it's actors. The fact that critics have given this positive reviews should bring to question their credentials.

Private U (kr) wrote: poco budget, normal... tiene mrito, aunque el guin no brille por su calidad...

Brian B (mx) wrote: My favorite baseball movie.

Abel D (ru) wrote: Compromised by studio interference, Forsyth's metaphysical tale of reincarnation has an interesting premise, and a quality cast to back it up, with Williams in several surprisingly restrained roles, but 'Being Human' lacks focus, meandering at times and never fully exploring its ideas, with overbearing, spoon-feeding narration and a weak first 'story', where the Bronze Age ends up looking more like the caveman-early hunter era, with poor costuming and location choices.

Amy P (br) wrote: Crappy acting/plot/directing, but extremely steamy sex scenes. Sherilynn Finn is totally bewitching and Tyson has a crude, brutal sexuality that works in this film. Best part: When she rips his shirt completely off. Also, for some weird reason, seeing Kristy McNichol applying blush to her nipples has stuck with me....something you don't see every day.

StevenSteen W (jp) wrote: Great jazz, sinister film noir, unpredictable plot...and thoroughly memorable. One of my top 5 of all time. Leaves one with the question... Is finding justice always right and good?

Kevin R (ca) wrote: An ok exploitation film which does tell a story and have some effort put into the acting and craftsmanship of it all. Reminds me of Lolita and A Clockwork Orange a bit. I'd call it a B classic.

Kevin R (kr) wrote: I have never been afraid of anything in my life.Cheng Da Qi is tied to his master Hong Shou Ting as they came up through the Shanghai slums to build and empire that rules the gangs of Shanghai. Their rise has made them invincible but they hurt a lot of people upon their rise to power, especially females. They are now about to settle down when the city is about to be invaded by Japan. The police force, who are controlled by Cheng and his master, come to them and ask for their aid in defending the invasion. They decide to not help the police force but the invasion impacts them worse than they anticipated. The family becomes fractured and Cheng will need to fix it."What's your name?""I'll tell you if we both make it out alive."Jing Wong, director of The New Legend of Shaolin, God of Gamblers, City Hunter, Crying Heart, Set Up, Infernal Unfairs, and Last Hero in China, delivers The Last Tycoon. The storyline for this picture is very well done. I really enjoyed the action scenes and the cast delivers wonderful performances. The cast includes Chow Yun-Fat, Sammo Hung, Li Yuan, Monica Mok, and Kunjue Li. "I am laughing because someone in Shanghai still has the guts to threaten me."I found this on Netflix and added it to my queue and thankfully finally got around to seeing it. This isn't your classic Chow Yung Fat and Sammo Hung martial arts action picture. This is a gangster film more like SPL or Andy Lau films. I really enjoyed the intensity of the action scenes as well as how the drama ultimately unfolds. The fact that it's a true story is also compelling. I consider this a must see and a nice addition to your DVD collection."Can I be your girl?"Grade: A

Meso I (ag) wrote: Was so bad couldn't finish it

Jasper M (us) wrote: A legitimately good action film, and not nearly as cheesy as you'd expect. The premise is incredibly stupid, but the characters are really strong-- Van Damme is both a really likable and endearing protagonist and a pretty creepy and threatening villain, and I really like that Rooker's character was a loose cannon cop who's actually a little unhinged and frightening. In addition, the action scenes are excellent: they make use of the environment really well, are all pretty inventive and original, and good Van Damme's fighting style--essentially that of a panicked child who happens to be an excellent martial artist--is original and intelligent. If you can get over the stupid, stupid premise and the worst science ever put on film, it's a damn fun movie.

Igor A (ru) wrote: Pierce Brosnan,Jennifer Connelly,Ed Harris,Greg Kinnear,Marisa Tomei.

DeJon D (au) wrote: Open Season: Scared Silly can be considered the "strikes back" of the Open season franchise. It brings back the qualities of the first two films that the third one lacked.

Scott C (it) wrote: A fun 70s time capsule.

Kevin M W (us) wrote: Adrian Brody is not a private detective exactly, but rather he's a investigative reporter. And he's not single and hardboiled, he's a family man if a little cynical. Notwithstanding the story is basically the same: a beautiful woman in danger with a mystery to solve and "can you help me" eyes, and legs, a mysterious but thoroughly dangerous rich guy with something to hide (Is there any other kind?), and finally, most of all, the dead body of a complete asshole everybody but everybody wants dead. Voila, it's the revenge of film noir, or the son, or film noir for millenials. Whatever the case, despite it's steadfast dedication to the form, this baby lacks the heart-dragged-through-the-gutter. Nice try though.