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Tangela M (au) wrote: [email protected] before married 2 D. wade

Karl O (gb) wrote: Great film. Very, very sad and disgusting too.

Frances H (kr) wrote: Occasionally funny send up of spy flicks.

Harrison M (ru) wrote: Not as good as prince of Egypt, yet still a worthy biblical adaptation.

Adam R (es) wrote: (First and only viewing - 11/29/2011)

Leocadio V (kr) wrote: Good action anime, unlike alot of people belive its not a sequel to Ninja Scroll. The movie rocks, its about the cristian movement in Japan. To bad the series is not complete and the story ends when its at its climax.

Devlin R (br) wrote: "The poor are the poor, and one's sorry for them - but there it is."

Luke T (fr) wrote: Eminem gives a good performance and makes his film debut here as Jimmy B-Rabbit Smith Jr., who wants to start a new life and make it big as a rapper, but it may harder than it originally suggested.Eminem co-wrote the lyrics to the song 'Lose Yourself' (which plays over the end-credits, and won the Best Original Song Oscar). Brittany Murphy and Kim Basinger offer good support as Jimmy's love interest and mother respectively.The direction from Curtis Hanson is good throughout as he creates a tense atmosphere in some places, with some moments involving a child which is really not nice for any child to witness, while the script is written to a respectable standard by the director.Unsurprisingly, this movie was a huge hit at the box office. However, what lets the movie down is that it does get a little bit silly towards the end, and any songs that have bad language in them, really do not suit at all.Despite this, it is a good movie, but it is not particularly outstanding. But it is Eminem's best film role and it is easy to understand why.

Thomas T (au) wrote: Good but not as good as the classic!

Carlos I (jp) wrote: Still so hilariously bad and awesome at the same time. Such delicious nostalgia. Warwick Davis is so great in the role.

Ola G (nl) wrote: After a dying Voodoo queen, Mama Loa, chooses an adopted apprentice, Lisa Fortier (Pam Grier) as her successor, her arrogant son and true heir, Willis, (Richard Lawson) is outraged. Seeking revenge, he buys the bones of Mamuwalde the vampire from the former shaman of the voodoo cult, and uses voodoo to resurrect the vampire to do his bidding. However, while it brings Mamuwalde (William Marshall) back to life, he quickly bites Willis upon awakening. Willis now finds himself in a curse of his own doing: made into a vampire hungering for blood and, ironically, a slave to the very creature he sought to control. Meanwhile, Justin Carter (Don Mitchell), an ex-police officer with a large collection of acquired African antiquities and an interest in the occult, begins to investigate the murders caused by Mamuwalde and his growing vampire horde. Justin meets Mamuwalde at a party Justin hosts to display the African collection pieces before being moved to the University's museum. They discuss the artifacts, unbeknown to anyone else, that were from the region of Africa Mamuwalde hails from, including pieces of jewelry once worn by his late wife Luva. Mamuwalde also meets Justin's girlfriend, Lisa Fortier, at the party and he discovers that Lisa is naturally adept at voodoo. Lisa discovers Mamuwaldes true nature after a friend of hers, Gloria, falls victim to his bite and resurrected as a vampire who nearly feeds on her if not for Mamuwalde's intervention. He later asks her for help to cure him of his vampire curse...I have never seen this 1973 blaxploitation horror film, but I wanted to due to Pam Griers participation as Lisa. I reckon this suits the genre with an afroamerican Dracula, despite the fact that the pace is slow, the action is sparse and the acting is slightly wobbly and so are the effects. I reckon we are used to see Pam Grier as a bad ass on revenge, but here she has a much softer role and she shows her acting skills from that angle as well. And shes stunning as always. "Scream Blacula Scream" is intriguing if you are into blaxploitation.

Taija H (au) wrote: Aika sivist jlkikasvua tll klassikkoleffalla. Itse olin 14v. kun tm oli kuuminta hottia. Ja yllttvn hyvin oli kestnyt aikaa, vielkin ihan kuumaa hottia: jnnityst, vauhtia, vaarallisia tilanteita, romantiikkaa, surua, salskeita nuoria miehi...