His Highness Abdullah

His Highness Abdullah

The story follows Abdullah (Mohanlal) who is hired by the members of a wealthy royal family to assassinate the family head Maharaja Udayavarma (Nedumudi Venu). Abdullah comes into the royal palace under the disguise Ananthan Namboothiri, a classical singer, and tries to use this mask to softly kill the Maharaja.

Mohanlal is hired to kill Nedumudi Venu. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnny C (de) wrote: I enjoyed this movie a lot. Interesting dichotomy/irony about a film crew in Bolivia shooting a movie that will depict the true devastation and horror brought on by Christopher Columbus and Spanish imperialism, meanwhile the privatization of water endangering the modern-day natives is eerily similar to what occurred 500 years earlier.

Cindy L (ru) wrote: I've always like movies starring Ge You... Funny story line and quirky, witty exchanges between characters.

Joshua C (ca) wrote: Funniest movie of the year so far. Fun Movie. Michael Cera was Hilarious!And any time Danny McBride comes on screen, he elevates the movie. (Comedies anyway)

Eduardo T (ag) wrote: Unique and beautiful cinematography. It gave the film a weird yet cool feel to it. What I noticed right away was that this film shined in its writing department. This featured great character development. I got to know a lot about the characters and their motives. It did struck me as awkward as to how close these two boys became friends so fast and even shared something that most men don't share. If you don't know what I'm talking about you have to see it for yourself. Their dialogue contributed to their development so much I had trouble keeping up. As for the plot it was okay. It could have been better, all they had to do was extend the running time. The direction could have been better. It lacked in camera work but it wasn't to much of a bummer. The production values where good. It was a good idea to have the last scene in color and make it look like it was filmed using a camcorder. If you're into film festival worthy films then this one is for you.

Glenn G (kr) wrote: funny and smart, one of the most underrated Pang features -- not a ghost story either like most of their stuff.

Adam M (fr) wrote: Dodgy-ish indie vampire movie. A gang of vampire mobsters are pissed off when a deal they made with someone goes sour when the guy takes off with the money. So they're after revenge but their crew starts getting killed and the supposedly badass vampire they hire has problems with his mental wife so it seems things aren't going to work out the way they'd hoped! For a very low budget horror this has some promising idea's, is disturbing at times and has a couple of decent performances to. It falls down at its attempts at comedy which occassionaly work but sometimes are far to over the top and in total contrast to the more disturbing scenes on offer and that makes the film feel weird and uneven. It also drags on far to long, it feels as if it should have been about 15-20 minutes shorter and that made it a bit of a relief when it finished. Still, a decent attempt and it has its moments. Could be worse, could be better.

Josh S (kr) wrote: I love the horror genre although most of the movies in this category end up being terrible i still continue searching through the never ending lists on hulu and netflix hoping to see something new or different. House of 1000 corpses is neither new or different and in some ways is a pretty generic horror flick, that being said i love it and it is one of my favorite movies, one i can watch multiple times and still enjoy it, which with horror is a rare thing, i dont care much for zombies music in fact i hate metal but for a first go this was deff a success, not sure why the "critics" hated this one but hey those guys are usually wrong anyways. If you havnt seen it, see it well worth the time

Jason M (fr) wrote: This movie was magnificent. Romantic, beautiful and yet, it portrays one of the darkest and most forgotten chapters in American history.

Daniel S (de) wrote: it pains me to write a negative review since I generally really like Joe Dante, and this got generally good reviews, but I just didn't get this movie, the attitudes/behavior of the kids was weird and often changed, Ethan Hawke's obsession with the girl is straight up creepy, a subplot with Dick Miller's character is introduced and then just abandoned, and the scenes on the alien ship just go on and drag, and I guess the final reveal was clever, but the aliens were pretty gross looking tbh, wevs it still has some funny moments, and a good premise, but just didnt deliver

Laurie L (es) wrote: LOVE this movie. I watched it with my young sons back when it was first made. They still talk about "War of the Buttons" . It's a must have movie in our collection.

Gerry T (it) wrote: Excellent Movie Dirk Bogarde is a great actor, as is Alec Guinness

Michael S (ag) wrote: Luchino Viscontis first part of his sicilian trilogy - to be continued with two other masterpieces, ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERS and THE LEOPARD. This is the most realitic of the three and the one where Luchino Visconti's social and political views are most appearent (Though born into the upperclasses, Luchino Visconti was a communist at heart). However, this is not a political movie as such, but a moving story of handworking people. An neorealistic classic.

Natasha M (us) wrote: Scandinavian angst in America. Not bad, not too painful. There's a great line about the Swedish Chef, which all of the audience in the cinema in Stockholm (all 10 of them) missed and I ended up laughing all by myself (which seems to be a usual thing when I go to a movie in Stockholm).

Matt H (kr) wrote: So I liked this movie but I didnt. I thought the cast was great and the story was good. The part i didnt like was I didnt understand it. I dont understand the stock market and all that jazz and I feel that I know nothing more from watching this movie except that these big CEOs play on percentages and dont really give to licks about anyone but themselves.