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Thomas T (fr) wrote: The film might as well be named another Scary Movie sequel, for Haunted House tries incredibly too hard to offer comedic moments.

Gina C (mx) wrote: This movie is awesome

john o (ca) wrote: It was cool seeing Edward Burns but that was all I can say about it. Poorly paced and directed. Definitely a movie to scroll past if looking at a horror list. The story is confusing but not in a good way. You'll be thinking "What just happened?" but you won't care enough to really think about it or look it up. Poor film.

Ditte J (it) wrote: Bleedin' hell it made me cry

Robert S (nl) wrote: A classic, great performances and a solid story.

Dinesh P (br) wrote: A nice rom com reminded me lot of serendipity. A guy feels that he is in love with one girl and has to travel with another girl and how he falls in love. Few good moments and the director does go over top like the after effects of marijuana scene. the montage with the stills. A film worth watching.

Leonard D (de) wrote: Not one of Don Bluth's best animated features, but it sure makes you feel like you're on a journey of life! This could be a music video for U2's Where the streets have no name!However, this took a few risks which were a little too harsh for the audience it was aiming for! Like gambling, drinking, smoking, and a truly terrifying look at Charlie's version of hell! You didn't think that it would scar you for life!? But still, a childhood classic!

Scott A (gb) wrote: Cheesy fun but I can watch this thing over and over. Leaves you wanting a sequel.

Stephen J (ag) wrote: Was this a TV movie?

sianmarie h (kr) wrote: fantastic film have got all 3

Gavin P (au) wrote: Not really sure what the point or plot was of this?!? It's definitely not a comedy - sure, it has Tracy Morgan swearing a few times, but no real laughs. It's just about Eisenberg trying to get his junkie mum (Leo) to rehab - hilarious. Then it's just the three of them, plus Whitlock Jr., driving around. No excitement or coherence, or fun.