Hitler--Dead or Alive

Hitler--Dead or Alive

A team of ex-con bounty hunters go to Germany in search of Hitler. If they can find him, a million dollar reward is to be paid to them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hitler--Dead or Alive torrent reviews

Dyron W (it) wrote: A decent drama worth your time. Jeff Bridges is in top form here.

Isabel A (ca) wrote: As perfect as a film gets in my opinion.

Marischa B (br) wrote: you would think its like step up but not so much, its about a girl with isseus that became part of a dance crew, the ending was the best!

Daniele C (ru) wrote: The story is so powerful (and abysmal) for a simple reason: it depicts the REAL Italian working conditions.

felipe m (es) wrote: s vezes parece mais fcil desistir do que lutar por um objetivo...

Hobie P (ca) wrote: Surprisingly entertaining and one of the better Olson Twins films.

Jacob M (mx) wrote: A wonderful tale of an Italian pilot that has decided to give up his military duties to be protection for hire against pirates. The voice talent and direction in the film are flawless and the animation is spectacular. While some people may find it a bit too slow to grab them. I found the pacing to be quite good and fits the style of the time that they were in.

Andrea M (kr) wrote: The movie on whole was waaaaaay too slow for my taste. However it had some really good moments.

Chayc (it) wrote: A less fun, less enjoyable, sporty take on the same company's My Tutor.

Paavo L (mx) wrote: Bogart-leffa jossa ollaan uraanin perassa rikastumisen toivossa ja kun rahaa on pelissa ei kehenkaan luoteta. Tarinan mukaan elokuvaa kuvattiin suunnilleen samaa tahtia kuin ohjaaja John Huston ja Truman Capote sita kirjoitti ja evaatkin kuvauspaikalla oli nestepitoisat, mutta lopputulos on hyva