Hobgoblins 2

Hobgoblins 2

The sequel to the Rick Sloane classic from the 1980's, "Hobgoblins."

This is the long awaited part 2 for writer/Director Rick Sloane's campy cult classic Hobgoblins shot in 1987. Old man McCreedy is locked away in a mental hospital when Kevin and his friends... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vic V (us) wrote: It is understandable an audience of today would miss out on the core motivation for the plot of this film but for those of us who were around then this is a masterpiece of creative originality. The impeccable (and great) cast of seasoned professionals and newcomers that appear in it does not make it about fugitives, good guys and bad guys, or reporters out for a story at anyone and everyone's peril, it is about embodying the right ethical, moral, cultural, and social values which have become blurred and fleeting since the 1980s. There are many transformations among the plot twists and hidden surprises which are exceptionally good and keep you in the dark until the end which could have been a bit more fulfilling across the loose ends of the lives it portrays. The 1960'-70s may be gone but the same corporate greed and avarice remain intact and running amok to an even larger extent than back then. And the US carnage we watched during Vietnam continues in its horrific splendor, just in other parts of the world.

Sarin S (kr) wrote: fairly senti... hardly any action... little gore...especially worth a watch for the spoof on journalists.

Steve W (br) wrote: A satisfying thriller. Its an asian remake of "Cellular", and it improves on some ideas and has some different weaknesses. The acting is good and the thrills are great.

Jeff C (mx) wrote: The best motion capture to date. People looked real at times.

Erin H (ru) wrote: My cousin (5) made me see it.

Andrew C (kr) wrote: Atmospheric and stylish, but not quite as clever as it thinks it is.

Noah M (nl) wrote: A surprisingly decent thriller with Chuck Norris playing a more serious role.

Allan C (jp) wrote: If you're into stuntmen in full-body flames, this is the film for you! Being a fan of trashy 80s vigilante films, I'm pretty surprised with myself that I'd never watched either of the Exterminator films. Robert Ginty plays a Vietnam veteran who cleans up the streets Death Wish-style with a flamethrower. Some of the street trash he has take out include Arye Gross (in his film debut), Irwin Keyes and gang leader Mario Van Peebles as X. There's breakdancing, a sweet 80s soundtrack, and gratuitous violence. What more could you want in a poorly made 80s vigilante film? So, this is not really a **1/2 quality of film, but I did get **1/2 worth of entertainment, even if it was for camp value.

Dennis H (kr) wrote: I really liked his movie. The suspense and thrills of modern technology is reflective of many things occurring today. My wife and I watched this together today and were on the edge of our seats. We didn't even know the villain of the movie until half or two thirds through the movie. I believe this is one movie where the critics are way off base. It appears that critics are either to conservative to view the progressive nature of our technology. Either that or they were so progressive that they were afraid that this movie would turn people off of technology. I found the movie incredibly intriquing and will watch again.

Jamie R (ru) wrote: ...I'd like my 96 minutes back...

Jonas P (gb) wrote: This is the most disgusting animated movie ever made! Screw this movie! It's even worse than Norm of The North! The plot is a rip-off of The Nut Job, The animation is disgusting and ugly, The characters are just so unpleasant to sit through and the humor is at it's worst!!!! The only thing done well here is the writing, and even that's not enough to make up for everything wrong with this movie!!!!! What ever you do, don't go watch it! In fact, I would highly recommend staying far away from this cinematic train-wreck, even if you're someone who likes crap like Strange Magic! Out of all the films that were made by Vanguard Animation, from Space Chimps, to Valiant, to Happily N'ever After, Get Squirrely is hands-down THE WORST of them all! And It's so hard to believe that this actually was released to theaters!