Hold Me Tight

Hold Me Tight

I skoletimerne sender Mikkel prøvende blikke til klassens stille og indelukkede pige, Sara, der er smigret over opmærksomheden. Da Mikkel og hans ven Hassan leger flirtende med hende i et frikvarter, bliver Hassans kæreste, Louise, jaloux og begynder at sprede ondsindede rygter om Sara. Louises hævn udvikler sig hurtigt til mobning og det, der er værre.

A film about peer pressure and taking responsibility for one's own life. The story revolves around Sara, Mikkel, Hassan and Louise, four teenagers, who are searching for their own identity ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vishal S (gb) wrote: Yes I Want To See It

Marianne H (ag) wrote: So the movie didn't completely blow... but I'm not interested in ever seeing this again. I was intrigued because someone compared this to saw... now I LIKE the Saw series... but this was just not even close. The whole thing is just not worth watching. I think it had potential... but everything leading up to the end, and the ending itself just kill it.

Pep R (kr) wrote: French Canadian films and series are well known for their different take on different facets of life, like family, and it's also one of this movie's forces. However one thing I do reproach them is their tendency to be a tide too grim and tragic. But worry not, this fil is also a ton of fun! Which is good, it takes light moments to make the darker ones matter, and vice-versa.

Peter W (fr) wrote: What Swingers is for Swing Music, Groove does a similar job with Techno in the mid-90's. If you were a club kid like me, you'll love this movie. Let is "roll" your way.

Alexey F (fr) wrote: I was looking more for ethnology than for metaphysics, so there is a case of false expectations. But it is beautiful, poetic, and has its own consistent rhythm.

Denise A (jp) wrote: CRAZY IS ALL I CAN SAY!

Jonathan G (es) wrote: A loose remake of the original sequel "Father's Little Dividend". This film brings back the cast of its predecessor with the same sort of tricks and antics. Nothing truly new or special. Just 2 hours of quasi-comedy related to family. (Rating: 6.5 / 10)

John W (es) wrote: Only saw the last 40 minutes, but on that basis - whimsical, thoughtful and very icelandic...

Rhonda P (ag) wrote: One of my families favorites

Carlos M (us) wrote: A complete disaster that portrays Hoover as a selfish, insecure and intolerant man but we never find out who he really was. Besides, the makeup is atrocious, while the overly desaturated cinematography and dragging pace keep the audience even more emotionally distant.

Riccardo R (mx) wrote: Non so perch, ma questo uno dei film che preferisco con Stallone.Quando lo vidi al cinema mi tenne con fiato sospeso.Peccato che recentemente Cohen abbia perso la capacit di tenere "sull'attenti" il pubblico dei suoi film.

Dylan G (it) wrote: The dumbest in the series, but it's entertaining! B