Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn

Lovely Linda Mason has crooner Jim Hardy head over heels, but suave stepper Ted Hanover wants her for his new dance partner after femme fatale Lila Dixon gives him the brush. Jim's supper club, Holiday Inn, is the setting for the chase by Hanover and manager Danny Reed. The music's the thing.

Crosby is a singer and dancer, but he leaves showbiz in order to manage a extraordinary inn which only opens on holidays. Astaire is Crosby's former partner and rival in love. They attempts to win a beautiful woman's heart. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dennis L (ag) wrote: Fell flat despite the charismatic cast.

John S (jp) wrote: I stumbled upon thus film in the video shop last week and thought ooh a britflick how cool. I will rent it. Unfortunately it was fairly bogus and generally unenjoyable. The plot is actually ok to a point, there is a big stretch for you to buy into it. The unbelievable saris of events continues to the end. Give it a miss

M Z (nl) wrote: Completely disappointment. The music is the only good thing.

Hector C (kr) wrote: muy divertida me encanto todo el enredo

Padraig W (jp) wrote: Sidney Lumet has returned to crime, police and the justice system a number of times in his career. His best films on the theme - Serpico, The Verdict and Q&A - have an edgy passion, earnest enthusiasm and shrewd intelligence. Being an actor's director, who develops an ensemble approach to working with actors on set, the performances are often passionate and sublime. This is testimony to Lumet's best films. Night Falls on Manhattan is not one of them. The film is flat and tired. Yes, there are good elements in the film. Richard Dreyfuss is a wonderful surprise here. He does not push the camera, or do his usual "look at me" acting routine, and demonstrates that by doing less he achieves so much more. A wonderful performance. The film is also blessed with a wonderful score that imbues the film with a tragic dignity that the film does not otherwise achieve. These are elements, though, and not enough of them coalesce to make a satisfactory whole. The story is disjointed. I hesitate to say misconceived, because it is clear that Lumet was after the theme of the moral hazard associated with the DA's office. However, after the trial scenes of the first 40 minutes are over, the movie feels over too. Nothing that follows finds the same dramatic force. The pacing is sluggish, and the acting under-rehearsed. This has the odd effect of individual scenes seeming rushed, while the overall pace drags. The acting, for once, does not come off either. Andy Garcia does not find the emotional core of his character. He seems to go to deep emotion too fast to be credible. When he is angry, he shouts. This is from the latter day Pacino school of acting. There is little going on inside, and he does not connect well. He's too strident in almost all scenes, except the couple of delicate scenes with Dreyfuss that are nicely played. Dreyfuss seems to calm and relax Garcia. Who would have thought that? Other actors do not come across well at all. Ian Holm, a fine actor, is playing a cypher. Lena Olin is a blank. This is not Lumet's best. It is, however, sincere, honest and forthright. Lumet does not hide behind a soft ending. He has integrity. If it is not his best, it is part of the canon of a very fine director.

Luke B (au) wrote: A decent college romance comedy that is surprisingly more in the former. Seeing the young and talented members of Broken Lizard in their humble origins is, in itself, great to watch. The plot is thin and unlike their later efforts, tries hard to include all the troupe but ends up with bizarre sketchy subplots. There's no witty dilalogue, and there are only a few glimpses of the Broken Lizard humour prevalent in their later offerings. It's excellent first time film making, but only in retrospect. There are some wonderful moments, the character of Freak Reaky certainly needs a resurrection. It's probably best as a stand alone watch inspired by curiosity, rather than a sit down laugh out loud film.

Ryan C (br) wrote: Strange little movie about a dog with homicidal tendencies. I liked it.

Joshua F (es) wrote: It still has the original cast, and Jerry Goldsmith's musical score is a multiplying factor for the atmosphere...but this sequel is unnecessary, and often contradictory to it's predecessor's continuity. It's biggest sin though is taking away the faceless horror of the first film, instead presenting it as a stereotypically over-the-top evil preacher.


Fred T (jp) wrote: Though Enfants loses pace in its second installment it is still one of the most powerful and ambitious pieces of cinema I have seen. The sheer energy and the elegant pacing and give real weight to the film's theatrical nature. Feels far ahead of its time.

scott g (br) wrote: enjoyable 70s cop thriller as legend john wayne plays brannign a chicago cop off to london to escort a prisoner back to the u.s and runs into all matter of trouble as bad guys want him dead, wayne does his thing, and certainly a joy watching him deal with london low lifes and police politics, also starring richard atenborough as a police captain

Si H (fr) wrote: This film is absolutely awful. It seems to have been written by 12 year olds. I think they made their money from this in product placement knowing that it wasn't really going to make any money. They must have known.

Ethan P (jp) wrote: I wanted to see cliched muscle boys punch things, and that's what I got. Don't expect anything more than that and you'll enjoy yourself.